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created on 03/07/2007  |
Last night a man that is a father, a Grandpa, an Uncle, a Brother and sooooo much more had something terrible happen. For those of you that know Angie and David, he's Angie's Dad. Yesterday on July 27th he passed out while he was home alone and when he came too, he called his wife. An ambulance was called and he was rushed to the hospital. Where he was then rushed away to another hospital. He had suffered from a brain aneurysm and has a long road of recovery ahead of him! Please keep him, his wife and the rest of his family in your prayers and if you know Angie, let her know that she is in your thoughts and prayers. As for me, Angie you know I am always here for you and if you need ANYTHING just call me, no matter what time of day or night! you know I always have a shoulder for you to cry on and I am always here to listen if you need to talk! I love you and just stay strong! Uncle Victor is a strong man even through everything he has been through and I have faith that he will pull through
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