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And You Thought You Were A Civilian Author Unknown And you thought you were a civilian...... When Dad's away, Mom's the Commanding Officer When Dad's home, Mom's the Executive Officer, coordinating and executing actions for the Command Team Keeping track of the kids, she's the S-1 Collecting the neighborhood news, and relaying it to Dad, she's the S-2 Making plans for the entire family and training the kids, she's the S-3 Stocking food and supplies for the family, she's the S-4 She answers all the family correspondence and makes appointments for Dad, that makes her the Adjutant. Worrying about the family budget makes her the Comptroller Paying the bills, and accounting to Dad for the paychecks makes her Disbursing Looking for a new place to live when we move, she's like Billeting Assigning us chores to do, getting us fed, bathed, and put to bed, she's our First Sergeant. Serving the food and doing dishes, she's the Mess Hall. Carrying small children, she's ammunition handler. Driving the family to all our appointments, she's the duty driver Looking like a queen when she goes out with Dad, she's a Military Man's Lady. Gosh, Mom's the whole darn Military
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