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It's now official. By 2050 whites will be the minority race in the United States. When the Census of 2050 is completed the Census Bureau estimates that the white race will become a minority in the United States. Hispanics will be the dominant race. African Americans will remain the third prevalent ethnic group in America. The question is, will the middle class white male (who already is an unrecognized minority in America) qualify for set asides, a preferential quota system and, on Capitol Hill, a "Congressional White Caucus?" The census prediction estimates that the white population will grow about 7% while the Hispanic population will increase by 194%. The dramatic increase in Hispanics is not due to procreation. Hispanics have a higher birth rate than any other ethnic segment of the population (an average of 3 live births per family compared to two for Whites and African Americans). But it will be the influx of both legal and illegal Hispanics of childbearing years that will tilt the scales in favor of a predominantly Hispanic America. I guess you might say Santa Ana is getting his revenge. The fastest growing demographic by mid-century will be Asian. The nation's Asian population (which had been growing approximately 11% per year, will swell to an annual growth rate of 213% (much of it from immigration). However, Asians account for only about 2% of the population in the United States. That number will balloon to 4%. The African American population will swell to 61 million, up from 35 million for a 71% increase. Nevertheless, Black Americans will only account for 15% of the total population by 2050. By that time, 20% of the population will be over 65 years of age. That does not bode well for the economy--nor for the taxpayers--since the tax load will become too lopsided and will unfairly place a much heavier financial yoke on the wage earning tax payers. It will take the taxes of four people to support the Social Security income and Medicare benefits of one senior citizen. Without either a tremendous increase in new taxpayers (from immigration) or an extreme reduction in benefits and services to America's elderly, working class and low middle class taxpayers will find themselves saddled with tax increases so cumbersome that the lower tax brackets will be obligated to pay half of their gross incomes in federal taxes. The "white dilemma" is that while immigration will continue to mushroom from Mexico and Central America, and from the overpopulated nations in the Far East, immigration from white Europe has virtually ceased. There simply aren't enough white people in Europe and those nations are making emigration difficult, While the United States is at a replenishment level of .9, England currently has a replenishment level of .7 and Germany's replenishment level is 5.1. What that means in real terms is that in the United States, for every ten deaths, we are producing nine live births. In Germany, only half of the deaths are covered by new births. The Caucasian race is "aborting" itself out of existence. It is not likely, however, that the politicians will acknowledge the new minority in America, or endow that minority with special rights for its special status. The system used to classify racial entities in America will be redefined as racial and ethnic groups intermarry and lose their racial or ethnic identities in this boiling pot we call America. Fully one-third of the Hispanics in America are married to non-Hispanics. It is likely that Hispanics married to whites will be classified as a white household, and Hispanics married to blacks will be classified as an African American household. That way, on paper, Hispanics and African Americans will politically remain protected minorities and the middle class white male will remain...well, who cares? He will, after all, soon be nothing more than an aging dinosaur who will eventually become a blurred memory of a bygone era in America's forgotten past.
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