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A shiver..

and words uttered
rest heavily on the coolness 
of an unannounced breeze
traveling into the very heart, 
lingering there on a breath
held longer than a tear, 
traveling from the eye 
to the line of the jaw, 
would fall and shatter
on the cold Formica 
of white sterile thoughts.

and I pull back
under the weight of accusations
triggered by a simple request
,leaving a trail of destruction
in the slate grey sky
of a winter born too soon

releasing the sting
of icicle sharp memories
with ice pick precision
stabbing not once,
not twice,
but three times
since, after all,
three times’ a charm 


emotions wrapped in crystal clear 
ribbons of glass
are bound to shatter
on the frost licked snow
that covers the surface
of the otherwise clear
blue pools of eyes

and I shiver..

a breathed plea escaping lips
forms clouds in the cool 
of early morning snowstorms
that haunt with relentless precision
the depths of souls
where the apparition of love unconditional
loses its silhouette
and the footprints left behind
erased swiftly
by cool blanketed
covet castaways
of a past
never dealt with

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