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Spooky's blog: "Stuff"

created on 09/18/2009  |  http://fubar.com/stuff/b309565

It's just a blade, just a blade dragging across the skin and sinking in, bringing up the liquid of life letting it run down and pool in shallow mirrors of disillusionment. Just a gasp, a rasping, heightened catch of air driving through the throat and bumping along the lungs to heave in and out, head tilted back to let eyes roll up and over. Fingers clutching, reaching, grasping for something to hold onto, anything to let the electric feeling that spread from stomach to limbs to quickly moving fingertips escape, to share the blissful feelings moving through nerves so wound the world felt like it would explode. And release came and the tide of overwhelming feeling, raw, unadulterated feelings tingled away from the skin sinking back down into muscles, tissue and bones, all melting gently after the backlash of the flooding feeling. And it was just a knife, a simple silver flash of light and steel, magnified through the eyes of the obliging prey, fingers gripping the hilt of the hunter's obsession as the world melted away. Color drained, figures dripped and vanished and all that was left were the two, staring, panting, sweating and the knife that multiplied their ferocity for all things relating to their simple duality.

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