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Ancient advanced civilizations?


Does anone know anything about them?

Do you have any idea that we have found an ancient civilization located on an island is athens greece that match the discription of the lost city of atlantis.Do you have any idea that there houses look much like our houses today? The ancient civilizations is known to date back to the bronze age 2500 bc payramid days..

If we thought the Egyptains were strange just try to get a grip on some of the stuff they found in other parts of the world.

This stuff is not make up or fiction.This is REAL life these things are being found but that I find so sad is that no one seams to care or even know anything about this.

Are we really so envolved in our everyday crap,our adult swin,our internet that we dont even see the amazing evidence that we are not as smart as we once were.

were talking really smart people.Now I know "some" people might say thats nonsence look at what we have have now compared to them we have the tv! or we have interent were much smarter. 

Really? how about you do a search on solar flares..in a matter of hours this can all be taken away from us and it just so happens the sun is going to be doing the taking.Very ironic if you ask me that so many people from our history point to the sun as being what gives us life.

Maybe people fom our history were trying to warn us about what these very things.Maybe they knew that the way we live is just not fitting with the way the universe wants to work.

Trust me, the evidence is overwelming!

just check this out:

"More recent was the discovery of what some believe to be an ancient Egyptian model glider found in a 2,000-year-old tomb.Former NASA contractee William Corliss calls the scale model 'a very advanced form of what is called a push-glider'. Corliss says the 'plane' would have glided on the air much like modern gliders, and would have required immense aeronautical and mathematical precision. Scientists who have studied the model suggest that its proportions and design would indeed have enabled it to fly."

this is only one peice of evidence within an hour of doing some research on the topic you wil be shocked and amazed!!

taken from http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/cm/v17/n2/ancient-civilizations

But we were the first? were the smartest? anyone see a trend in our history?

It is an archaeological fact that there are more than 200 known sunken cities in the Mediterranean. Egyptian civilization, along with the Minoan and Mycenean in Crete and Greece are, in theory, remnants of this great, ancient culture. The civilization built huge earthquake-proof megalithic structures and had electricity and other conveniences common during the time of Atlantis. Like Atlantis and Rama, they had airships and other modes of transport, often electrical in nature. The mysterious cart tracks of Malta, which go over cliffs and under water, may well be part of some ancient Osirian tram-line, possibly taking quarried stone to cities that are now submerged. 


Fortunately, the ancient books of India's Rama Empire have been preserved, unlike those of China, Egypt, Central America, Peru. Many of these ancient nations are now either desert wastelands, swallowed by thick jungle or literally at the bottom of some ocean. Yet India, despite devastation by wars and invasion, managed to maintain a large part of its ancient history. 

For a long time, Indian civilization was not believed to date from much earlier than about 500 B.C., only about 200 years prior to Alexander the Great's invasion of the subcontinent. In the past century, however, the extremely sophisticated cities of Mohenjo Daro (Mound of the Dead) and Harappa have been discovered in the Indus Valley of modern-day Pakistan. 

The discoveries of these cities forced archaeologists to push the dates for the origin of Indian civilization back thousands of years. A wonder to modern-day researchers, the cities were highly developed and caused leading archaeologists to believe that they were conceived as a whole before they were built: a remarkable early example of city planning. Even more remarkable is that the plumbing-sewage system throughout the large city is superior to that found in Pakistan, India, and most Asian countries today. 


Are you going to deny ignroance? or be like sheep who follow and don't ask questions!! 

I find it heartbreaking that apon a google search for these places I would get more hits on paris hilton or brittany spears than I would about things that matter!

They want to tell us that for 90 million years we were just walking around with sticks..doing I guess nothing.

And we just all of a sudden gained this knowledge within the last 30 years? yet history and much evidence points to the fact that we ARE not smarter than we have ever been.

Is anyone else starting to think maybe that was umm? a lie?

I really hope so.

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