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JWH's blog: "An Angel Cries"

created on 10/12/2007  |
As the infant turned to a child the Angel wondered more than once why Feeling helpless the Angel watched from above as her destiny began to unfold A woman selling herself to feed the demon within and for the needle that demon would make her scream Not out of love or even lust one night the seed was planted The Devil laughed as the Lord sighed, and the Angel simply hung his head and cried For the next several years he watched amazed as the child survived As the beatings grew worse and the world turned a blind eye He knew that it wouldn't forever be this way yet the waiting for her time to come was taking a toll The little one never did know what she did that was so wrong she would often try to make herself disappear not make a sound yet it never seemed to work for sure as the sun would rise and fall she would be beaten and passed around to those who wanted to touch by the age of eight she still didn't know why love had to hurt so much He stayed by her side whenever she slept hoping she could feel his presence wishing she could feel the sweet kisses he left on her face the touch of innocence The Angel had long ago been forbidden to interfere but his resolve was severely shaken when the little girl looked up to the sky, squared her shoulders, wiped the tears from her eyes and said All I want to know is why He had given her the only gift he was capable of and as he tried to make her pain his own he wondered if it would be enough **continued from An Angel Cries I am still working on this one**
The Night the Angels Cried.... At Birth the Doctors said they would try... but she is too weak and the drugs from the womb..she is too high... we are sorry for your loss but this infant child will surely die. The parents young and foolish knew no better and said good bye. They left that baby girl on a snowy night to die. It wasn't long before an Angel came from above to take the child not yet a day old that had never known Love. Safe and Warm for the first time in the Angels embrace they made their way to Heavens Gates. You can not imagine the Angels surprise...for at Heavens very gate..this infant child was denied. "Why Dear Lord, why won't you let her in? She is but an infant...she has committed no Sin. Surely there is room here and in your Heart...we all knew sure was coming from the start..." Then the Angel bowed his head and cried as he listened to the fate of this infant child. We knew of her arrival... This is true but you must take her back to the world of Man for there is much for her to do. I will give her the strength to make it through but you must return her tonight this you must do. The Angel kept his head bowed and continued to cry for he could not defy his Savior and his Lord ever so gently he swaddled that child to return her back to the World. The Angel now in Love with this infant child gave her what he could the Gift of an Angels Love and a Will to fight for the side of Good... As He brought her back to the World of Man he bestowed a kiss to the infant body that had already turned cold. He looked upon the innocent face that would forever change lives but whose own life would never fully unfold. For the first time the infant cried..The Angel wanted so badly to tell her that it would be alright but he knew better than to lie. For no one had missed her.. Not a single word had been said. For in the realm of man she had not been worth saving was considered better off dead. On that cold and snowy night an infant that would have surely died...was both blessed and cursed...and the Angels cried.
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