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Someone please let this guy know this is not Hot or Not. What a doofus. kawiboytwo rated your photo a '10'! kawiboytwo rated your photo a '2'! kawiboytwo rated your photo a '1'! kawiboytwo rated your photo a '7'! kawiboytwo rated your photo a '3'! kawiboytwo rated your photo a '10'! kawiboytwo rated your photo a '10'! kawiboytwo rated your photo a '10'! kawiboytwo rated your photo a '5'! kawiboytwo rated your photo a '2'! kawiboytwo rated your photo a '10'! kawiboytwo rated your photo a '10'! Yes. I blocked him. I was tired of seeing him in my bartab.
Gotta love coming home to this message from a complete stranger. check it out,your in no position to give anyone stipulations.yes i read your profile and quite frankly your attitude are nothing special trust me and im not claiming i am cause i know im not but i do have a great and positive attitude with a good aspect on life,however,some people dont.dont overwhelm yourself girl cause you will be disappointed.a college graduate huh,well i am too but i dont go around making stupid remarks like you did on your status about people leaving you a status comment saying they re-rated you.thats being to nice but its too bad you dont know what nice is.its being friendly so obviously you dont know what that is either.if you have any comments or questions,please dont indulge will be ignored.your 23 and have a lot of growing up to do.i dont want to be friends with immature people.about you dont want to be friends with anyone you dont know?how else are you suppost to make friends?you dont make any since what so what ever you call yourself;i thought i would drop by and disclose some constructive criticism and advice.have a great week.bye Can anyone say ignorant? I love when people judge others before knowing anything about them. I also love that he can't spell or form a proper sentence to save his life. Here's the douchebag.
This one just made me laugh. What an idiot?!?! Read from the bottom up. Amykins ♥: lol riiight airforcech...: ur the one looking like a fake ass bitch airforcech...: oh whatever it was a joke Amykins ♥: piss off fake! airforcech...: lick my huge dick baby as i eat ur pussy and watch football lol Amykins ♥: cheaters! airforcech...: longhorns lol

I just wanted to share a discussion board posting from my online class. The class is Alcohol and Drug Abuse Seminar. It has undergraduate and graduate students in it. But sometimes I feel like I'm discussing things with middle schoolers because their spelling, grammar, and intelligence are all lacking. I feel like maybe I worded my response wrong, but I'm so sick of close minded f*ckers.

The discussion topic is: Should drugs be decriminalized or legalized? Cite examples of drugs that could be decriminalized and some that are now illegal that should be legal. Why did you choose the ones you chose?

This was a student's response to another student: That is a very good point that those who do drugs often are the ones supporting their legalization. Any person I have ever known who supports legalizing for example marijuana, has been known to partake of it. Legalizing many drugs would flood the market with them and cause an avalanche of legal and health issues that would be impossible for us to handle.

And this is my response: Well now you can say you know someone who does not partake in marijuana that supports the decriminalization or legalization of it. I have never used marijuana and I've read and re-read the chapter as well as done my own research and I support at least the decriminalization of marijuana. I point you to page 79 and the very first sentence: "Under this law, drug users are punished more stringently than rapists or robbers." To me, this is disgusting. Someone using marijuana, not harming anyone but themselves (because they chose to use the substance) will sit in prison longer than someone who rapes an innocent person. Something seems wrong with this picture.

I wish people would actually read their textbook, gain some new insights, do their own research then make an intelligent decision. Nothing that they are spouting off is found in research, it's all stuff they made up. Think outside the box people and don't be so damn close minded.

I'm going to rant. You're going to think I'm a bitch. Oh well.

I'm sick and damn tired of trying to reach out to friends and be kind just to get ignored or disrespected in return. If someone is kind enough to be concerned for your well being then don't be a total douchebag to them. This goes for online and offline friendships.

I'm sick and damn tired of the woe is me people. They think it's the end of the world when one little thing goes wrong. I can bet you that 9.9 chances out of 10 I can find at least one person who has it rougher than you. So get over it, move on, and become a better person because of it. Yes, you have permission to quote this to me when I start to get emo about things.

I'm sick and damn tired of people lying to me about the most petty things. I was NOT born yesterday. I can see you change your status, leave people comments, and other things. So don't lie to me and tell me you weren't online or you weren't sitting at your computer when I sent the SB message or PM. Do you really take me for a fool? Same goes on yahoo, I know when you change your status then you're obviously there so don't lie and say you never saw the IM.

I'm sick and damn tired of people who talk about me behind my back. While you're there, kiss my ass.

I'm sick and damn tired of users and manipulators. The people who are only your friend when it's convenient for them. Be my friend through the hard times AND good times or don't be my friend at all. Don't try and say what you think I want to hear just because you think you may get a NSFW picture or some shit from me. That's lame and quite pathetic on your part. I'm not just tits and ass for crying out loud.

I'm sick and damn tired of people who act like it's the end of the world because they aren't on my family list. There is no special prize for being in my family on here. Ya know that private folder you want access to, THERE'S NO NUDES in it so why is it such a big deal? Get over it. I add people to my family list for several reasons. One being that I feel I can trust them. If you ever break that trust, you're gone. Another being that I like you and talk to you on a regular basis so I don't want to go searching for you on my friends list. And sometimes I add people I like to stalk so it makes my job easier. I will add who I want when I want, so don't get your panties in a bunch if I don't add you.

Kudos to anyone who actually read this entire thing. I'm sure I could have added more, but I got tired of typing.

Addition: I'm sick and damn tired of females in particular coming to my page and "spying" just because I rated their fu hubby or sent him a drink. I do NOT want your man, e-relationship or otherwise. I'm not interested, PERIOD. So get the hell off my page if you're just going to be nosy and not even leave a rate. lol
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