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I just need to get something off my chest. Something that has bothered me for a long time. I'm going to try and word it the best way I can the first time through because I do not feel like doing edits.

I just want one god fearing Christian to tell me why you care so strongly about banning gay marriage. Please tell me how the LEGAL union of a same-sex couple has any bearing on YOUR life whatsoever? What in your daily life that will be affected because gays and lesbians are married couples? Aren't you taught to not judge others because only God can judge us? So why do you go around spreading your bigoted opinions on a matter that you have no right to judge others about? Oh, is it because your Bible told you so? Is that really the ONLY reason you can come up with? Ugh. I thought this country was founded on the principle of separation of church and state. So how about you keep your church out of my state!

I need some place I can work on these lesson plans. I have no desk at home to spread all my stuff out on. The libraries are all closed on Sunday. It's too far to drive to work. Ugh! I don't know what to do.


Anybody have any ideas as to what I should do or where I should go? Thanks for the help! :)

Once again I'm trying to pick a picture to use on facebook. Help me decide please. Just leave your vote in the comments. :)






















Ok, have fun and let me know what you think. I have the hardest time deciding between pictures to use on there.

I'm an idiot.

I washed a few towels with some clothes. I knew I shouldn't, but they are old towels so I thought I'd be safe.


Now my clothes have little fuzzies all over them. 

Got any ideas? Only thing I can come up with is to use a lint roller on them when they are dry.

I should have known better...


I was just randomly going through the most liked page and low and behold, I saw myself! I'm #69 most liked in the last 24 hours. WOW!

My favorite number. hehe

I need moving boxes. I've tried CL and haven't gotten any bites. Anyone have any other ideas? I don't feel like paying for them. Thanks!

I was bored last night and decided to go ahead and post my furniture on craigslist. I figured it would take posting and re-posting a few times to get rid of all of it. But damn! I had two emails within minutes of posting. I've had at least one email on all my piece except one. The bookcases are being sold today. The kitchen table and chairs are going today as well. Two different people are interested in the living room set, so it's first come first serve on who responds back first. One person is interested in the mattress and frame. I really want to sell that thing, it is killing my back. The two bookshelves were by far the hottest seller. I guess it's because I'm not asking much. I didn't even have a picture on the ad, haha. I probably won't be able to sell the chest and bedside tables, but I could use those still.

So, goodbye furniture. Goodbye Georgia.

New job, new home, HERE I COME!! 


Mumm in a blog...


I have over 100 friend requests. Should I accept them all then delete them just to fuck with people?


I can't upload photos, so I'm going to post a few here. I'm trying to decide which one to post on my facebook. lol

Leave your vote in the comments.


This effect is neat.


B&W makes me prettier. hehe


Look into my eyes, bwahaha!


Stupid grin. haha


Just trying to be pretty.


Now you can truly see how short it is!


I love the way this one turned out.


Curly q!


It is super short.




It is so short now.

Not like anyone reads my blogs anymore. I just feel like whining for just a minute. Not really whining, just pointing something out.

Getting newbies to send you a drink is proving to be a difficult task. I've sent over 50 drinks with kind messages asking for a returned drink and I've gotten TWO back. haha

I don't know how else to get the newbs to send me a drink. Oh well. Not like I'm going to be getting 9 million points anytime soon. haha

Okay, I'm done.

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