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Waving American Flag

I don't know who put this together but, they deserve a lot of credit.


Three panel cartoon of kneeling Uncle Sam with knife in back labeled Terrorism stands up then walks away after pulling Terrorism knife and throwing it down.

Osama Bin Laden, your time is short; 
We'd rather you die, than come to court.
Why are you hiding if it was in God's name?
You're just a punk with a turban; a pathetic shame.


Cartoon of Statue of Liberty holding a revolver in her left hand a baby wrapped in American flag in her right hand the caption reads The most dangerous place in the world is between a mother and her children.

I have a question, about your theory and laws; 
"How come 
you never die for the cause?"

Is it because you're a coward who counts on others? 
Well, here in America, we stand by our brothers.

As is usual, you failed in your mission; 
If you expected pure chaos, you can keep on wishing.
Americans are now focused and stronger than ever; 
Your death has become our next endeavor.


Cartoon of a Soldier and a Twin Towers firefighter holding up an American flag the caption over the soldier reads I'll take it from here.

What you tried to kill, doesn't live in our walls; 
It's not in buildings or shopping malls.

If all of our structures came crashing down; 
It would still be there, safe and sound.

Because pride and courage can't be destroyed; 
Even if the towers leave a deep void.


Cartoon of Before New York City skyline with Twin Towers After the Twin Towers are replaced with tall American Flags and New York City covered in American Flags.

We'll band together and fill the holes 
We'll bury our dead and bless their souls.


Cartoon of Uncle Sam with tear on cheek carrying fallen firefighter away from Twin Towers wreckage.

But then our energy will focus on you; 
And you'll feel the wrath of the Red, White and Blue.


Cartoon of an American Bald Eagle using a file to sharpen it's talons.

So slither and hide like a snake in the grass; 
Because America's coming to kick your ass!!!


Cartoon of Uncle Sam standing in place of Twin Towers above a smokey New York City skyline rolling up his sleeves with a fist to prepare for a fight.

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Cartoon of military personell surrounding a caption that reads America Stands Strong NEVER FORGET September 11, 2001.

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