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Aren't there any real people out there anymore? Someone who means what they say and say what they mean? Someone who keeps their word when they promise to be honest with you no matter what, as long as you give the same in return? Someone that won't go behind your back and badmouth you to your own friends? Is there no one out there who believes in making the effort towards what they want? My experience over the last couple years seems to be that the answer to every one of those questions is NO. For those that know me personally, you know that I do anything I can to help my friends and family when needed. Many times I go above and beyond what is necessary, just to try to help someone out. I have shared my heart with others, just to have it thrown away... usually for something I had no control over. Maybe I'm too trusting. Maybe I'm blind. I guess I still believe in TRUE LOVE... being with the one person who loves you UNCONDITIONALLY. Doesn't try to change everything about you. Doesn't try to run your life for you. Someone you feel you can be 100% yourself around. Someone who makes your heart beat faster when you know they are coming home or when they call you on the phone just to say "Hi" or "I was just thinking about you and wanted to let you know". Does that not exist anymore? I want to believe it does, but it seems that the only people who say they are willing to prove it, live states away... and insist on ME moving, or ME making all the effort to see them. And then when the time comes to meet, or spend time together, it's one excuse after another. For those that live within an hour or two, well, basically the same thing applies. Any time plans are made, I am supposed to be the one to make all the effort, and if they say they will make the effort, something always comes up and I don't usually hear about it for days on end... Leaving me to worry and stress over what might have happened. I'm tired of being alone in life, and just want that one special person to make me happy. Show me they love me, make me feel like I am the one person they want in their life. Am I asking too much?
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