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I have a problem and I need to get it off my chest. I realized the other day that I am a horrible friend on fubar. I feel a bit like a user and I wanted you all to know that I do love you in my own special way.

Hopefully you can help me with my problems


1.I hardly ever rate anyone's pictures. I hate doing it, I would rather spend hours chatting then hitting 11's on pics.

2. I accepted all those friend requests during my spotlight, while knowing in the back of my head I would delete them first chance i got.

3. There are people on my family list that i like but they never come to my blogs or talk to me. Do i delete them and then do i explain the reasons.

4. Every once in a while I wipe out my entire fan and secretly admired friends. Cause I think its fun to see my face pop up on their pages again.

5. I dont understand why people like me, im a total perverted dork. It amazes me people talk to me.

6. I love giving fumbling its my downfall, I give and then when i run out, i realize i forgot to give this person... also i have a tendency to be compulsive i just give cause im talking to you and you made me laugh... Sometimes i think shit i haven't given that person one.. and would they care if i only have one credit left.. is that cheap?

7. I am a blog hijacker, I get into a blog and i see all my friends and i sort of kind of take over your blogs. I will apologize for the rest of my life but will never stop doing it...


These are my issues, hell im amazed most of you have stuck around. I hope you can forgive me for my rude behavior.

I do love you all and i enjoy every second I get, when i get a second....



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