Alone...not for long pet Blog by Master Darius
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I opened my eyes to find myself in a cage. A cage! I moved to stand from my lying postition but something was restraining me... I looked down to see ropes intricately bound around my naked body, the friction was painful on my nipples and pussy lips when I moved even a fraction. My mind raced as I tried to remember how I got into this situation. My last clear memory was my Mistress yelling at me- “Fucking whore, I’ll be back in half an hour, fucking clean that shit up.”

I admit I was feeling light-headed after orgasming so hard...maybe I had passed out?

Somewhere above me I heard a door opening and the familiar sound of heels tapping on hard floor.
"So, has the filthy whore woken up yet?" came the wonderful, but chilling voice of my Mistress.
"Y-yes Mistress," I replied, my voice a little hoarse.
"Good, because I'm not going to wait all night- I have a visitor for you," she said coldly. My heart leapt with anticipation but also nerves. Another stranger?

Before I had time to enquire I heard more footfalls and a man's voice.
"Ah, this is the whore"
"Correct, and she's in need of a lesson, Eric, I thought you would be quite the man to teach her," said my Mistress.

A sharp slapping noise filled the room, and I shivered in terror.
"Do you need a good spanking, slut?" said the man.
"Y-yes Sir" I answered shakily.
"Oh, you're an obedient little bitch aren't you?" he replied and I felt him bend down and stroke my hair. Suddenly there was a crack and a stinging feeling tore up my right leg as his whip reached through the bars of the cage and struck my thigh. I screamed aloud in surprise and pain.
"Quiet!" barked my Mistress, "I don't want to hear your slutty voice."

I stifled my screams as the man struck me again and again, on my stomach, thighs and breasts, but I couldn't get away from the pain... if I wriggled even slightly the rope cut into my soft flesh. Tears sprang to my eyes but after a while the whipping seemed to stop. As soon as I had let out a sigh of relief, I heard the creak of hinges. My cage was being opened. A dark figure loomed over me, and I could just make out the form of a thin, aging man. He leaned down over me and inspected the angry red marks that his whip had left on my body. He reached forward and stroked one that marked just above my hips, I couldn't conceal the shudder of excitement as his cold fingers touched my body.

"She is a whore" he said. He bent forward, surveyed my face and then out of nowhere slapped my squarely on the cheek. I gasped in shock, and he simply laughed and got to his feet. He untied something by my feet, and with my cheek still burning, he hauled me upright by the rope around my neck.

Mistress strode over to me and tilted my face upwards.
"This is Master Hart. You belong to him for tonight, you are to obey his every command as any slut would. Understand? Or you will be punished." she said, then added darkly, "If you're lucky you'll be punished away." She brusquely shoved my head away and strutted off majestically- leaving me completely alone with Master Hart in the dimly lit basement.

“Well, this is going to be fun” said Master Hart coldly, surveying me. He was tall and thin, although his vice-like grip on the rope hinted at a lot of muscle, he scared me…. I wasn't sure if I should be doing this- giving myself to a complete stranger... but no matter how unsure I was, how disgusted with myself I was, I couldn’t stop the shivers of excitement that flowed through me as his bony fingers lingered on the rope that covered my breasts.

In a swift tug the rope had been yanked down my body a couple of inches, leaving my nipples chafed and exposed. The cold air stung against them as my breathing quickened a little. He slowly traced a little path with his finger up to my hard nipples, before suddenly pinching them cruelly. I gasped in surprise and was slapped again.

“Take it. Take it like the filthy whore I know you are” he growled, twisting my nipples again.

I wasn’t sure whether or not I was comfortable with the slaps, or this complete stranger, but his abusive words and cold touch was enough to have my pussy twitching. I couldn’t help it; there was no point in reservation, I was here to please my Master afterall, and all the while I was enjoying this...maybe a little too much. I switched the sub on inside of me- I was His slut tonight.

The new attitude helped me withhold my outbursts but the tears formed and blurred my vision. He let go finally and grabbed a handful of my hair. I stayed silent as he forced me onto my knees, anticipation flowing through me.

He unzipped his trousers and his huge, rock hard cock sprang forward. It was long and thin, like his body, and I had sudden slutty urge to take him in my mouth. I began to open up but he halted me with sharp words.

“Eager little whore, aren’t you? Well if I teach you one thing tonight, it’ll be patience,” I froze, but the excitement inside me mounted, “Open your mouth.”

I obeyed and waited. He thrust forward and I was gagged by his rigid cock. I tried to relax my throat muscles as he continued to fuck my mouth. Just as I was getting used to the feeling of him inside me, he withdrew and slapped me round the face with his now wet cock. The action was completely degrading, humiliating…but strangely erotic. I felt my pussy growing moist as he cock slapped against my cheek and mouth. He re-entered my mouth and continued the routine, before cumming onto my outstretched tongue.

“Don’t move” he said, after a minute’s recovery. He stood and returned shortly with the leather whip that he’d earlier struck me with. I shivered with fear as he stroked my erect nipples with the tip of it.

“Hm, are you going to be a good slut?” he asked quietly.

“Yes” I said quickly…a little too quickly- I forgot something. I received a sharp slap to the nipple for my mistake.

“Yes what?” he said, kicking me. I lost balance and couldn’t help myself from falling as my arms were still bound in the rope. He yanked me upright by my hair.

“Yes what?” he repeated, still holding my hair.

“Yes Master, I’ll be a good slut for you Master,” I amended quickly. He released my hair and spat on me.

“Thank you Master” I said, knowing all submission would please him. He continued to trace patterns on my body with the whip, striking me every now and again, causing me to jump but each time I thanked him.

“Hmm, that’s better,” he said, and his whip moved slowly downwards, until it teased the throbbing of my pussy. I couldn’t conceal the lustrous moan when he slid it between my soaking lips. He brought the whip up to my eyes.

“You are a wet little whore, aren’t you?” he said and lowered it to my mouth. I licked it earnestly, desperate now. He slid the crop back down between my thighs, rubbing my clit until I moaned again.

“You want me to fuck you, slut?” he asked.

“Uhhh- oh, yes. Yes Master.” I whispered.

“Start begging whore,” he said, slapping my burning clit with the crop making me scream, “Fucking beg for my cock.”

“Please Master, please fuck me with your hard cock,” I begged.

Satisfied, he untied the rest of the ropes, and shoved me over the work bench that lined the walls of the basement. He spread my legs wide, displaying my gushing hole.

“Mm, you are fucking soaking, you filthy bitch” he said, whipping my ass which was also on show.

“Arch your back and push up those pert little ass cheeks” he commanded. I did as he said, feeling exposed and slutty. He spanked my ass with the whip and his hand, leaving my cheeks burning. Then he started teasing my pussy again, tapping it with the whip- making me squirm and moan.

“P-p-please fuck me Master,” I moaned, after what felt like an eternity. My clit was on fire and I could feel my own juices leaking down my thighs.

He slapped my ass hard, and a loud crack resonated around the room, along with my whimper.

“I told you to have patience you whore,” he growled. He bent between my legs and I felt the deliciousness of his tongue sliding across my slit. I moaned in delight as he ate my soaking pussy, lapping at my lips, probing my hole with his tongue, and flicking my clit. I screamed for more grinding myself against his wonderful tongue. It was too much, I was going to cum. I opened my mouth to request release when he stopped. The amazing mounting feeling of orgasm was suddenly crushed. I felt so frustrated that tears sprang to my eyes.

“Sluts that can’t wait don’t get anything,” he told me, teasing my throbbing clit with his whip, building me up and up again. Then once more, on the brink of ecstasy he stopped. I cried out in frustration.

“Get up on the table,” he barked, and I sat on the cold bench, my legs splayed wide facing him. He looked at my throbbing pussy with a mocking look in his face.

“So wet….” He said, stroking a thumb over my hole. The sight of my wet pussy being touched was even more of a turn on, and I felt desperate as he just played with me. I watched him mesmerised as he bent down and lapped once on my clit. I shivered and whimpered- I wanted him so badly!

“You want to be fucked?” he asked, taking a hard nipple in his hands.

“Yes Master,” I said breathlessly.

“Show me whore. Play with yourself,” he said. I stared at him, hesitating. It felt humiliating to have to touch myself in full view of this man; it was something I had never done before. But I was so…desperate! He caught my hand just before my fingers reached their goal.

“Don’t you dare cum,” he growled.

I didn’t know if I’d be able to stop myself if I started, but I didn’t care then. I just wanted the feeling of anything on my poor pussy. I rubbed two fingers over my pussy, from my clit to my hole, savouring the tremors it created. I closed my eyes as I let my fingers slide into my ready hole, with my other hand I used my index finger to gently circle my clit.

I was soon in heaven, I finally felt myself building again, my fingers felt so good, and my clit was pulsing! My moans became louder, my body squirmed…

A strong hand crushed mine and my eyes fluttered open. Again I felt the feelings being suddenly stopped. I looked into his eyes, silently begging. Without a word, he flipped me over so that I once again was leant over the desk. Then I felt his cock ram into me.

I screamed in release as I felt his huge cock fill every inch of my pussy. The emptiness was gone, the tension was building again. I let myself relax into his powerful thrusts, he was fucking me brutally, but I didn’t care! For once, I wanted it harder.

Eventually all the built up feelings seemed to be too much.

“P-please Master, Please can I cum?” I screamed, afraid that he might withdraw.

“Yes slut,” he replied, and I let go, feeling utter ecstasy at the freedom of the tidal waves of orgasm.

He turned me around and promptly shot his load all over my face and tits.

“How lovely” said my Mistress from behind. I was too tired to feel shame or humiliation at what she had just seen, I knelt on the floor still twitching from my orgasm.

“Mm, she was rather a good slut” agreed Master Hart. Mistress stared at me.

“Well, clean him up, you whore” she barked. I jumped and began to lap the cum of his cock.

“Good. Well, thank you for your time Master Hart, I hope to see you soon,” said Mistress as Master Hart zipped up his trousers.

“Thank you, Gina, I hope to see you too,” he replied before leaving.

“Well, slut. Wasn’t that nice for you? Something to fill your slutty pussy.”

“Yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress” I said still kneeling. I went to stand but she pushed me back down.

“Aren’t you going to thank me slut?” she asked.

“Y-yes Mistress.” I replied, baffled to what she wanted.

All became clear as she unbuttoned the long black coat she was wearing. She had her dominatrix outfit on- only this time there was no bottom half. She stepped closer and forced her hairy mound into my face. I inhaled her smell and became wet myself. This would be my first time at eating pussy.

“Fucking eat me, whore,” she ordered, yanking my hair forward. My nose brushed the soft hairs and my lips became wet with her cum. I poked out my tongue tentatively tasting her. She moaned under my touch and I became more confident, tilting my head up and lapping at her like I had often experienced. Thinking of how I liked it, made it much easier to please her. I poked in and out of her hole, and then changed to flicking her clit, knowing exactly how good it feels.

Her moans became louder and she began jamming me forcefully into her pussy. I ate her until I couldn’t breathe. I felt her shudder and she gushed her warm cum all over my face. I licked her clean and leant back to face her, my face still wet with her cum.

“Mm, good slut,” she said, in the most gentle tone I’d heard her use, “You’ll be eating plenty more of that.” I shivered with excitement as her words sunk in. “Now, get back to your cage, you whore,” she said, reverting back to her cold self.

I crawled, tired, wet and excited back to the cage where I collapsed on the blanket.

“I’ll be back later, get some sleep.”

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