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BAT Laydee's blog: "Just Some Thoughts"

created on 05/18/2011  |  http://fubar.com/just-some-thoughts/b341156  |  6 followers

Free flying wings of a bird,

say gently that the right apology wasn't heard.

So many people just don't care,

no hope any time or any where.

The blind can't see, the deaf can't hear,

and only the dead don't feel a tear.

Brain injured or severly handicap can feel suffering pain,

just like the blind can hear and the deaf can see the rain.

Put all the madness and anger aside,

find the truth and rightfulness in those that lied.

Can anyone answer the question why,

some hurt others cuz they want them to cry.

Reasons behind hurt aren't understood,

and chances are they never would.

This or that is the claim and it will be,

listen to few but they won't see.

So go and allow it to happen again and again,

When hate dies all will stop and love will begin.

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