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So she joins a group to help her forget about her hearts dismay and he comes in like a dragon. Fire in his heart, lust in his eyes. While the men flirt with the two most popular women of the room, he seems to only have eyes for her. As he lingers in the shadows watching her, calling to her with his vibe, enticing her to join him. This makes her wonder and become intrigued by the man. She smiles but shys away from His advances. He is yet persistant in making himself known to her.

She goes to meet him and they begin to talk, flirt, gain more interest in one another as they spend time together in the room. He's very easy going and easy to talk to. Someone she feels can become a great asset to her life. He feels the same way in return. This continues for days, growing stronger and deeper everytime. The lust, passion, desire, crave intensifying beyond capacity. His blue eyes are so seductive and sweet, she gets lost in them everytime she looks into them. And his touch soft, warm and muscles so sexy.

Ok so sum wierd things have been goin on lately that I think I need to clear up. First, I don't plan on leavin my husband ok, so pls don't ask for anything that u already know I can't do unless ur jokin even then let me know u r. (examples, nsfw pics, sex chat or text, phone number exchange, yim's, ect........) Second,  I have alot of guy friends so pls don't get jealous, I give luv to all those that luv me back. Third, even if u don't approve of my family or friends pls respect my choice in befriending them and don't try to ruin that. Fourth, if I do happen to become single I will b sure 2 let u know. Anyways, I hope I cleared sum things up and luv u all. And as always I'm here for u if u need me, xoxo Ticha, MUAH.

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