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Anyway, I was 15 when we first started TTC. Its been 6 years this month and through that time, have had 6 or 7 miscarriages on my medical record, and 3 or 4 that were never confirmed by a dr. I went through test after test, as did my hubby, everything was normal. October 2004 I had a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, d&c and a uterus biopsy. I had a tiny bit of endometriosis and a severe uterus infection which was gone by the following January. Anyway, I have a blog titled poetry thats touched me, or something like that which I havent started yet. I plan to put all the opoetry Ive collected about pregnancy and infant loss in there, I have over 250 of them. Feel free to take any of them of course, they arent mine though Im not sure of authers. My last loss was in 2004. It caused me to do something really stupid. I lost a lot of friends over it, broke trust, angered people and I had to get help, I ended up playing a role of what I wanted to believe, not what was real. I couldnt snap myself out of it. Im better now, but Im just explaining that I understand completely the stress and emotions that run through you. I used to run a support site and 2 dupport groups, but closed them after that happened. How could I help people with that if I couldnt help myself, you know what I mean? Alicia - Please Add/Fan/Rate Me!

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