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I have been on this site for about a year. I was here before MuMMs exsisted. I was here before MuMMs could get you points. I'm in the MuMMs all the time now. I don't consider myself a mummer or mummfolk. I am not a newbie to the mumms nor am I n00b. I have noticed that a lot of people who create MuMMs and a lot of people who comment on MuMMs (including "mummers") are very sensitive people. First off let's talk about the MuMM posters. Most of these people don't know what a MuMM really is. The MuMMs are a place for user to post questions that would help them make up their mind about a particular sibject, item, etc. It is not a place to post opinion polls or open ended questions. So questions such as What do you like better? Pepsi or Coke, are not MuMMs. These type of questions are opinion polls. Now a lot of these people get upset when someone tells them that this type of MuMM is dumb. Who cares? Its just the internet. Next I would like to talk about the mummers or mummfolk. These folks like to comment on MuMMs. They have their own "MuMM Code" so to speak. Any violation of said MuMM code will result in immediate bashing by the mummers. These people get upset if you delete their comments. Now here comes the tricky part.

1. The only MuMMs rules that matter are the ones posted by Scrapper and no one else.

2. The use of CAPS in internet etiquette does infer yelling but not everyone knows that. So no need to bash a person about that. The use of the ! also can infer yelling as well.

3. MuMMs are a public forum. People will say whatever they want. If you don't like what is said don't delete it just ignore it.

4. How come when a non-mummer posts a topic that is not a mumm it gets reported, but when a mummer posts a topic that is not a mumm it doesn't?

5. Mummers complain just as much as non-mummers do. I comment but don't vote on MuMMs. The reason being I don't think MuMMs should be worth points. If you post something that is not a mumm, I will let you know that it is not mumm. I never post hurtful or hateful comments. Such as go die, lick my taint, or many other I have seen. If your MuMM is silly, I usually just post a silly pic. But thats just me.

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