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so yeah the last one was a long list... but it is the little things that count in life.... and here's some more *if we're both "speds"... just laugh.... *someone who will brush the hair out of my face just to touch me... * someone who plays with my hair when i'm laying across your lap watching a movie... *someone who can laugh at my friends as much as i do... *someone who wouldn't mind staying the night just to sleep next to me once in a while... *a guy who if he wants it comes n gets it... the surprise and the agressiveness is a big turn on.... *a guy who isn't upset that i smoke even though you may not smoke what i do... * kiss me on the forehead.... *a guy who drops in purely to see how i am feeling when i'm sick.. (i'd do it for you).... *a guy who would leave a note on my car at work when i'm inside....maybe a flower too? daisies!!! * a guy who calls me beautiful (and means it).... * a guy who would be brave enough to let me shave his face...(trust me... it's an experience you won't forget in the good way) *a guy who who doesn't mind when i just start singing along with the radio when ever i feel like it.... *a guy who understands if i have prior engagements... we both have lives, right? * a guy who can hold a conversation, but who can also just lay there holding me watching tv or doing nothing too... * a guy who can make me laugh!!!! allright... i guess that's enough this time around....
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