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Me and the red headed lady ( i wont name names) have been on the activia 14 day challenge for a while now and I have to admit as mundane as eating yogurt daily is, there is no turning back for me..


It all started when Seamus (the ass) scared the living crap out of me talking about how pregnant woman get hemorrhoids, he started to tell me horror stories of big ass tissues with blood hanging from my hole and that night I had nightmares... all i could think of was having balls of blood dangling out my butt hole.

The next day that red head told me that you can get them if you push to hard when pooing. Since most woman my age don't poo everyday i was in mortal danger.

a day later (3 days of backing up) i swear to god i gave birth to a poo, the girth on this thing was beyond anything i have ever seen. Yes woman do look before they flush.. I was screaming out in pain and the whole fucking time i was cursing Seamus for his hemorrhoids....

I went and got bran, senokot and activia that day and since then i have been singing the praises of activia.. I poo daily sometimes even twice.. I'm not sure if that red head does but I'm thinking when she sings activia on the phone to me life is good..

I met this other pregnant woman (wont mention any names) that likes to stab people.. apparently she hates yogurt so I'm sending her to the pharmacy to get some probiotics.. I like her shes funny and she told me today that i wasn't old enough to eat activia... Crazy thing is I'm going to bake her molten cakes and the filling will be non other then ACTIVA


So Ladies raise your spoons and say no to hemorrhoids and say yes to the acitiva challenge


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