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Came home from work Tuesday night got undressed and started checking myself out in the mirror as usual.lol So I was goofing and touched my right breast. Went into semi shock when I felt a lump in my breast. Talk about a reality check! Got up first thing and called to make an appt. with my docor. Wasn't able to see him but thats okay, I got the cute docter, I like him much better anyway.lol By the way if I hear the phrase, "women of your age" I'm going to scream!lol I'm only 38 damn it!lol Okay I have to put this part, the people who know me know that. So of course I am naked from the waist up. The doctor puts his fingers on my breasts and imediatly I think to myself, oh shit, my nipples are going to get hard! They were already hard so I just tried to think about the reason I was there. Definately not a turn on!lol So he's all happy happy talky talky and then he feels it and then he feels another one. O shit! Then he moves to the next breast. Oh here's another one! That one actually feels different, its a little more spread out while the origanal and second one are a little rounder feeling and the big one hurts. It's wierd because For about 2 weeks I have had a huge bruise on my breasts. I could not remember hitting anything. YOu would think that Youd remember that. Breasts being so sensative. The first one turns out to be right under it. Anyhow he does a sonogram and then sends me to get a mamogram right away. Well I get there and was told that it regardless I would have to wait for the next available appointment which is not until he 7th. GRRRRR So anyways I really dont want to scare my family so Rashad and my best friend are the only ones that know. Figured I could talk to myself, and you here.lol Notes from the loony bin...perfect lol ayy mi vida loca......
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