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OK so a little backround as to why I am making a blog about my mom.. She is a wonderful woman and has been there through a whole lot of shit I have had go on in my life.. She got very sick a few years back.. Kidney problems.. Over the time she has been sick she has been in and out of hospitals. She has fought the entire time and we have been by her side.. Well it is getting to where she is going to need a kidney transplant. And that is one of the scariest things we have had to deal with.. There are soo many things that we need to have happen.. Most improtant is finding a donor.. Well a couple of days ago I went to get blood tested to see if our blood types match.. It is the first step to being able to donate a kidney.. I guess somebody is looking over us cause I am the first person in the family to get tested and I am a match for her blood type.. Which means that I can more then likely donate my kidney to my mom.. So I am pretty psyched about that.. I am now just waiting to do the remaining tests so I can find out if I can give my mother a kidney or not.. I really hope that i can.. Cause after all that my mom has been through with me it would be the least I could do for her.. Well I will keep updating this blog as things progress.. Keep your fingers crossed for me.. Thanks everyone..
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