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i am not crazy i am just an animal lover and all that i will talk about is my husband and my pets and to all those who don't like it i don't care. i am willing to make friends but to those who are looking for a date look somewhere else i am very happy with the love of my life.i am very happy about my jack russell cause she had 3 puppies on monday of last week and 2 early tuesday morning. one of the puppies died but she still has 4 and i am very happy about it cause i thought that she might die because of a stray dog that was hanging around my house this dog was 4 times bigger than her and she had her babies without leaving me if anything ever happended to any of my animals it would kill me. my boxer pit bull mix holly is also pregnant and she is due next month sometime and i will be adding her puppies pictures here also so if your not an animal lover do not go looking at my profile cause thats all you will mostly see.
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