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created on 01/08/2007  |  http://fubar.com/about-me/b42395
Well im still gettin a divorce and im doing okay I am tired from working so much and I am workin on getting the interior on my car done I only like painting 5 pieces and then im done then on to the outside. I hope everybody has a good weekend and be safe on the holiday weekend


Well i got my car back friday after having to completely tear my whole front end suspension apart and im havin a good weekend i just hope everybody else has a great weekend.
Well my weekend so far has been okay its just i miss talkin to someone special and im tired i am having to keep up with my son and im not doing to badd its just while he napped i cleaned my rooms and did my laundry. Well i hope everybody has a real good weekend.
Well I still dont feel good butone person has made me feel a little bit better though. I am off this weekend but I have to work on the car though. Well I hope every body has a good weekend
Well im still not divorced and I miss my son a lot.I am getting sick from the weather changing so rapidly. Let me know who reads this.
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