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B a B i E V's blog: "ABOUT ME"

created on 10/14/2008  |  http://fubar.com/about-me/b252312


so i guess i need to tell alil about myself.. lets see well start were the hell began.... at around 13 i started runnin away, thought i new everything thought i knew how life was, finally on the fourth time my parents sent me to a homeless shelter for kids, they signed their rights away and changed their number, if i wanted to talk to them i had to call their lawyer.Ii have 2 kids , abused in bth.. i have major teust issues. i have had long term relationships but got hurt ieveryone... i dnt ask for alot i just want honesty loyalty, 50/50 and affection, loving affection. is that alot. i dnt care if u go out i aint one of those bitches that wana hide their man. if the trust is their, then why not let them do wat they want, ur only chasin them away by holdin them down. ull also learn that i write alot of blogs when im feelin down. i write better that way. what i say is my word. i dont lIE. it only catches up to u. and i HATE drama, so dont NEVER bring it to me. i get down on myself for things in the past and i want the best for my kids, they are the world to me id b nothing without them. my family are extremely important. im a very shy girl but once u know me, im the life of the party. im a BONNIE lookin for my CLYDE ya dig. but im not searchin i blieve god will give it to me when the time is ready. i tend to push ppl away rather thn give them a chance in my heart. my heart is gold if i let u in UR SPECIAL!!! peace BABIEV

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