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About Me

Well my name is Elizabeth Edes i live in tacoma,washington.I was born at tacoma general.I have lived in washington all my life.My dad was never really in my life but thats okay i got great friends and family..Um i have lived a very hard life but that can only make you a stronger person and i think i have became that strong person lol.I have 2 half siblings 1 sister named Jamie and 1 brother named micheal my sister lives in arkansas with her husband and my nephew carter.My brother lives in florida with his dad and michaels gurlfriend.Then i have 1 stepsister name jessica and she is due to have her son in september,Then i got a sister thats not really related but i guess you could call her a family friend cause my mom babysat her daughter leigha so i just started callin her my sister and my niece since i have known them for like 3 years now...um i am 5'5 have brown hair brown eyes i have my nose,tongue,lip,ears,nipples pierced and 1 tattoo.i grew up in a abusive family and a acholic family.I was raped 2 times.i have great friends that im some what close too..i guess you could say i have had a hard life but who doesnt lol.i have been thru alot of bad relationships.some were cheating somewere just on there time and some were physical.im am like the nicest person that you could ever meet i dont like to tell people NO and thats probably why i get used alot but i guess i just care about people more then i do my self and thats not right..um i have only been IN LOVE with 1 person that i dated for 2 1/2 years but they cheated on me the whole time..Um i have made a few mistakes in my life but you have to learn from your mistakes and im learning as i go lol.i never graduated high school becuase i never liked listening to the teachers so i droped 1 day before i turned 18.um i am a full time babysitter for my roommate while she works so i have 3 kids to watch lol its hard at times and i get way to stressed out but i have ways of fixing that..which is bye drinking but i know thats not the right way of handling it but thats how i can cope with things i guess.i see my self turning in to my mom but im not mean like her and abusive..cuase everything that has happend to her i always got the worst end of it..but like that say you always take things out on the person thats closest to you which in her case was me...i just lost my grandma my moms mom on may 6th 2007 and that was kinda hard for me becuase i wasnt really close to my grandma but i loved her and my mom took care of her for like 6 years so seeing my mom cry makes me cry..but things happen..so thats pretty much it theres more but im sure you dont feel like reading all of it so i think this is enough for now... love always Elizabeth
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