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I have blogged all this before, just thought it bears repeating. This is from my personal Myspace page. I wrote this about 7 years ago, the majority of it still holds true, however, I have been through some changes and some points I may have modified. For instance, I am NOT currently single. I have found someone very special and I'm going with it. My outlook on life and love still remains the same.
Are you 28 or older? If not, then don't waste my time or yours.
I am every guy's idea of the perfect girlfriend. Or so I've been told. Why am I single? I have no idea. I own my own home, my own car (both are paid for) my two girls are grown and gone. I am smart, witty, funny, educated, well versed in a variety of subjects and I watch football. I not only watch, but I actually know the game(GO SEAHAWKS!!!!). I can be one of the guys, or the woman that you need.
I will trust you from day one until you give me a reason not to. I am really tired of guys taking advantage of my trust. I want someone that can handle honesty and trust. They seem to be a dying breed. I am loyal and have never, ever cheated on anyone I have ever been in a committed relationship with. I am a big flirt, but I have never and will never cheat. If you cheat, I walk, no scene, no tears (well, maybe some), no fight. I'm just gone. I don't do drama. I keep my drama to myself, and I prefer you keep your drama to yourself. I never inflict it on others. I avoid complications and confrontations. I will walk away first. I don't get jealous and I don't get jealousy. I don't care if another girl tries to pick up my man, I know who he's going home with. After all, you can't fault a girl for trying. I will even step back and give her room to work! LOL It flatters me when other women find my man attractive. I have been in the live music scene for a long time and beautiful girls are a big part of that package. In the same note, I am a big flirt, but it's who I am going home with that counts. Don't pull the jealousy card on me, again, I'll walk.
I let you live your own life as I also have a life to live. What we have together is awesome. I love to touch and be touched. I love public displays of affection, a LOT! I love to cuddle, hold hands, walk arm in arm and all the other girlie stuff. I love to kiss and I am a great kisser! I am also very sexual. I like to give more than recieve. I have never had a headache! I like to role play. Let's meet at a bar, pretend we don't know each other, then pick up on each other. Dance slow with me. Let me dance for you. I love dancing nasty with other women to turn my man on.
I am VERY liberal, open and VERY honest, sometimes brutaly. To a fault sometimes. I have no problem with your night out with the boys. As long as you understand I WILL be having a night out with the girls. I don't have a problem with girls that are your friends or ex's that are your friends. I am even open to having another girl, but she would have to be the RIGHT girl. If you have an existing girlfriend, wife, soulmate, life partner, please, move on, unless she is in on it from day one and a willing participant. Otherwise, I won't be the "other" woman. Just be up front from the beginning.
Your parents will love me. I am still friends with my ex's parents. I am still friends with my ex's! I don't do vengeance, I learn.
I don't do drugs, but I am 420 friendly. I haven't been drunk in over 18 years but I do drink socially. I know my limit and never go past it. I don't try to change you. I'm old enough to know that can't be done and it's a big waste of time and energy to try. As long as what ever your bad habit is doesn't become my problem, (ie: I won't pay for your DUII, I won't bail you out of jail.)
I don't EVER want to get married again. BEEN THERE DONE THAT RETURNING THE FUCKING T-SHIRT THANKS!!! Civil Union, maybe, just no legal docs. I just want to love and be loved and to be appreciated for the wonderful person that I truly believe that I am. I'm not being concieted, just honest with myself. I do good things for people and don't expect anything in return. I believe highly in kharma, and the Wiccan law that anything you do will come back threefold. I try to be the best woman I can be at all times.
About the only thing I can say about me that is negative is that I hate to cook. I cook very rarely. If you want a domesticated servant, move on. I am NOT "Suzy Homemaker". I hire a cleaning staff to do that for me. So if you're looking for a maid, move on. I can also be found on yahoo messenger as kadiamond1. It may say I am busy or offline, but if you say you are a friend from myspace, I just might let you in!
I would like to meet all rockers. Long haired men, beautiful girls!! I Do NOT want to ever get married again but would be willing to live in sin. (I have a 2 car garage, all the better to set up your band equipment and jam my dear!) I would love to find that bad rocker boy that wants that one special rocker girl.
I hate games. I don't take bullshit and don't give bullshit. I'm playful but also serious. If you even bothered to read all this, thank you! Not many do. If you leave a comment and rate my blog, I'll send ya somethin nice from the gift shop! Rock On
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