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I have very strong feelings for people I'm fond of and I'm not afraid to express those feelings openly and honestly for all the world to see! This causes some misunderstandings unfortunately because lots of folks have trouble with this. If you don't know me well you might feel claustrophobic about my attention. Once you get to know me however you see that in fact I am a very independent, self-sustaining, self-supporting, headstrong and opinionated person who doesn't need outside validation for my continued happiness. Those who know me best can vouch for that. If I give you my undivided attention it's because I feel you deserve it because I so enjoy your company. One of my very best friends said it best I think, so I will quote him here: "You can appear anxious and seemingly over-zealous! That can scare the shit out of men especially....they may read it as being "clingy or desperate". You're just diggin them is all and showin' it. Some aren't able to handle it...some are. It would be a safer bet (at first)...just to take it slow and "sip" your new friends...rather than slam them down (Like we do our TEQUILA!) LOL! You are a real woman...when soooo many are fake and pretentious! Using ONE word to describe YOU...I chose the word REAL and meant it. D thinks the very same. It's a quality love, don't forget it!" A "quality" you SEE! HA! And I believe it's a GOOD one, and I believe in ME! I also believe this quality helps me to weed out the unworthy and leaves me with the cream of the crop! Therefore, as my final offer, I intend to keep on keepin-on, bein the only woman I know how to be: Full Strength, In-Your-Face, Bigger-Than-Life, Slidin-In-Sideways, Grinnin Large ANDREA! HA! So, if you're one of the creams of MY crop (and you know who you are) Thank YOU for understanding ME, and for loving ME as I am. You will find that love returned to you ten-fold as long as you've got me! XOxo~Drea
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