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--- On Tue, 3/3/09, rizaserf <rizaserf@yahoo.com> wrote: From: rizaserf <rizaserf@yahoo.com> Subject: [christiansandpersonality] Re: New member To: christiansandpersonality@yahoogroups.com Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2009, 9:02 PM Hi, I've just joined this group because of a personal research project(trying to "type" the 12 disciples). From what you've posted it seems that your dominant preference is subjective or feeling but you show the world either the intuitive or sensor-side of your decision making process. This is a good thing that you are able to switch from being sensor-oriented to intuitive. You're able to make decisions about things in a moments notice (concrete, non abstract) or really sit down and think about things (abstract, intuitive) before you commit to them. --- In christiansandperson ality@yahoogroup s.com, "trevorpoole2000" <trevorpoole2000@> wrote: > > Hello > > I've just been introduced to MTBI through my job. Unfortunately, I > joined my department after everyone else had taken the test and so I've > had to make do with a few online versions. The MBTI seems to have a copyright on their stuff. There are 2 books which give short questionairres on it -- "Please Understand Me" & the FIRST PRINTING ONLY of "One of a Kind" about the personality of kids. Another very good book on MBTI which shows how each type "thinks" is "People Types & Tiger Stripes". The understand me book questionairre is 64 questions, the other is 40 questions. Amazon.com sells stuff. Amazon & Alibris Books both sell used books, with indication of condition thereof. Amazon -- on books but not digital electronics -- guarantees refund of total cost from these outside vendors if unable to resolve within 30 days. I don't know if Alibris has a guarantee or not. When purchasing a used book, I always check BOTH, because either could be a better deal. > > Some tests have me down as an INFP, others as an ISFP. I'm currently > reading "Personality Type - An Owner's Manual" by Lenore Thomson to get > a background in MTBI. It's very thorough but hard work at times as it > uses psychological terms and ideas that I don't really understand. > I THINK I AM MOST LIKE DISCIPLE ANDREW. I always come out as INTP. However, I have strands of INFJ -- for writing poems, ESTP -- for sexual urges, ISTP -- for down-to-earth, ENTP -- for more outgoing side wild & wonderful dizty imagination, INFP -- only a smidgeon, for dreamy wishing all things were better & having mystical moments in the heavenly realms, INTJ -- on the job get something done instead of INTP daydreaming about things with a mystical/spiritual/beauty appreciation angle. My best friend Kevin is ESTJ. My first wife Mary was ESFJ & ISFJ. My 2nd wife Joellene was ESFP, ENTP, and either ENFJ ( most likely ) or ENTJ. My maternal grandfather Jess was ISTP farmer. My mother Alpha is combo of ISTP & ISFP. She has "cross-sense" perceptions -- things perceived via one of the 5 senses, she sees via instinct somehow as via viewpoint of another sense. So she can read people easily and is aware... My lawyer & musical endeavor associate Jack is INTJ lawyer. > I found this group whilst looking for information on links between > personality and religion. > > I would describe myself as an evangelical christian. My church > background is mainly Pentecostal with some time at Baptist and Anglican > churches. My favourite translation of the Bible is KJV (purely for the > beauty of the language). BECAUSE OF KEY CLUB IN HIGH SCHOOL WHERE WE VISITED ALL THE CHURCHES IN TOWN & TAKING COURSE IN WORLD RELIGIONS AT NORTHERN BAPTIST RELIGIONS, AND MYSTICAL EXPERIENCES, AND LOOKING INTO WWW.BELIEFNET.COM, I HAVE TURNED OUT AS A MIXED BREED OF BAPTIST ( RAISED ) / METHODIST CHOIR SONGS / INTERDENOMINATIONAL FOR SMALL GROUPS / BUDDHIST WISDOM SAYINGS -- FROM BELIEFNET / MYSTICAL A LA ST. TERESA OF AVILA. I HAVE PAID FOR SOME FRIENDS TO RECORD SOME METHODIST CHOIR SONGS TO BE PLAYED AT MY FUNERAL -- GO OUT WITH JOY, I KNOW WHERE I AM GOING, and HE TOUCHED ME. SOMETIMES I IMPROVISE SLIGHTLY ON MY BASS PART WHEN SINGING IN CHOIR. ALL TIME FAVORITE CHRISTIAN SCHOLAR IS F.F. BRUCE, WHO WROTE COMMENTARIES, EDITED THEM, WROTE SOME HISTORY BOOKS, & WAS A PLYMOUTH BRETHREN -- WHO BELIEVE IN "HOUSE CHURCHES" AS IN NEW TESTAMENT. I USE PRIMARILY NOW LARGE PRINT NIV. I like also NKJV, LIVING BIBLE, NRSV. I COMPARE TRANSLATIONS SOMETIMES. THERE IS A WEBSITE WHICH HAS NUMEROUS TRANSLATION ONLINE, BUT I FORGET IT'S NAME. IT HAS GOOD SEARCH CAPABILITY. AS TO KJV & NKJV -- ESSENTIAL WORDING FOR 2 TIM 2:15 -- RIGHTLY "DIVIDE" THE WORD OF TRUTH -- I.E. BREAK IT UP INTO APPROPRIATE PIECES. > > I look forward to finding out more about personality and christianity > and I hope, perhaps, to be able to contribute something myself when I've > learned more. > SOME OF MY "ALTERNATIVE" SPIRITUAL BELIEFS ARE PUT TO MUSIC & CAN BE LISTENED TO AT WWW.MYSPACE.COM . TO HEAR ALL OF THEM , YOU MUST ESTABLISH FREE MYSPACE ACCOUNT. AFTER THAT GO TO MY PAGE THERE VIA PUTTING FOLLOWING URL IN INTERNET EXPLORER "ADDRESS" FIELD & GO THERE ( WITHOUT SIGNING OUT OF MYSPACE : HTTP://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/DITZYTWIGGSTER SOME OF MY RELIGIOUS BELIEFS ESSAYS & POEMS THEREOF ARE AVAILABLE AT WWW.FUBAR.COM -- NOT A DATING WEBSITE, BUT A MUTUAL ADMIRATION PIC SITE WITH GREAT BLOG SYSTEM. MY BLOG CATEGORIES THERE ARE: At www.fubar.com, which is free to join, no credit card up front, no profile or pic required, I am hitching_post. I PUT IN CAPS THOSE BLOG CATEGORY RESULTS WHICH ARE GETTING SOME ATTENTION SO FAR. I HAVE BEEN THERE ABOUT 2 WEEKS NOW. ALTHOUGH SOME "VIEWS", ONLY 2 COMMENTS SO FAR--- ONE ON A PHOTO & ONE ON A JOKE. My Blogs -- CATEGORIES are as follows: spirituality essays/lists/poems SPIRITUALITY ATTRACTED SOME ATTENTION -- 20 VIEWS. NSFW poems -- NSFW =- horny which has numerous restrictions on usage/viewing etc. NSFW POEMS ATTRACTED SOME ATTENTION -- 16 VIEWS. Examples of my naivety Kudos to fubar system Participation/appreciation interests social commentary -- very little requests for comments jokes, e.g. from www.beliefnet.com daily joke NSFW essays/lists Book/CD reviews, listmania lists, guidelists a la amazon.com BOOK/CD REVIEWS GOT 14 VIEWS romance/relationship essays ROMANCE GOT 12 VIEWS. kidsville poems/essays/lists KIDSVILLE GOT 11 VIEWS. professionally recorded re-do of existing songs professionally recorded original songworks Over The Rainbow essays/lists/poems lyricist poems LYRICIST POEMS GOT THE MOST VIEWS -- 41. trivia lists TRIVIA LISTS GOT A FEW VIEWS. "Doubting our doubt" essays/poems/lists soulful essays/lists Highlights of career/hobby counseling advise general interest essays How to be happy essays/lists drafts Friends with "benefits" humorous essays/lists sexual innuendo essays/lists & incorrigible desires. lol
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