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created on 12/11/2006  |  http://fubar.com/about-contests/b33425
It's time to give this baby a wee bit of editing (6-19-2007) If I don't know you, feel free to talk with me in the shoutbox, as a rule... about this, that or the other thing- but not contests. Could be books, movies, philosophy, more CT-ish things such as rating, stash, ... I'll help you out in your own profile, but not in someone else's, if I don't know you or indeed don't know you at least moderately well. _____ To the extent that I have personal "rules" I'll be putting them here and editing this blog, so if you want me to vote for you in a contest, etc. (or, as recently, are a fellow participant with me in a contest, or invited me to a contest)- watch this space. (The lady who invited me to that contest broke no written, unwritten or to-be-written rule I can think of and I am most pleased with her behavior, and to her nothing but thanks are due. It was well-managed.) -- Shout-box 'spamming' -- Is ok by me if I'm not on vacation or thelike. I don't read the bulletin section much- hardly ever- if you want me in your contest you need to mention it in your blog (the preferable way, #1), e-mail me about it (#1 for me, but more difficult), or blast people (eh, it does.) ___ ___ --Fanning or Friending for Contest Purposes Only-- Someone added me on LiveJournal once to ask a question and when I was no longer of service, it seems to me (I may be mistaken and may be doing her a disservice) dropkicked me; I am still a bit miffed about this. Tell me you are doing so in advance and I may actually - honestly!! - agree to see the fan/friend relationship for the utilitarian thing it actually is (or can be; sometimes it leads to better things) and help you just for the moment - rather than banning you and then dropping into the bulletin section and tell friends of your friends to ban you for sins of omission, for neglecting to mention you planned to drop at the moment the contest ended. (Ok, I probably wouldn't do that... well, I don't know. Hrrmmmm. ;^) ) The larger point here, behind the ill-tempered humor: communicate in advance. See eye-to-eye where possible and when possible (eh. Right. Sure. Oh well...). Don't talk past one another, if possible. You might end up with fewer "instant enemies" and less heat.
Trying to workBack for the evening:)
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