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ok thought i would come here and explain not that anyone cares to hear about it. on the 11th i went to go help my mother clean her house this is after she had started getting sick all the dr. did was up her lasix and she was getting worse so that morning when i showed up she was not responding to me no matter how i tried to wake her so i called 911 i got her to the er and none of the dr.'s were listining to me or answering any of my questions then we were sent to icu same thing the dr.'s got rude and tried telling me and my brother that my mom had tried to commit suicide this is not true cause my mom was happy she was helping me with my wedding arangements and we were talking about my daughter graduating middle school wich is a big thing to my mom then they came and told me and my brother that she had to many mental problems and this would cause a problem sorry thats not true either my mother has diabetes heart problems and emphasiema she is not mental and she was not suicidal the did not bother to tell us anything and never told us why four dr.s had to see her when asked about what was going on we were told it was none of our business and so on that my brother almost lost his cool on the dr.'s so i talked to my brother and we decided to send her to bellin there she was seen and we were told she was dying and so we prepaired our selves for this and well a few days later my mother came thru the dr.'s there explained everything to us told us it was our right to know what they were doing for her and why they were doing the things they were we also found out if we would have stayed longer at bay we would have lost my mother this is why i was wondering if the world is turning cruel or if there was still nice people we went thru a very ruff week and i am tired and sad that there are people out ther that have no heart i dont think i can trust the hospital by me anymore and hope that no one else has to face what we did my mom is doing better now that they changed most of her meds and she is happy about it to and she is slowly getting better and being very sassy i am very grateful for her to be better just sad there are jerks out in the world i understand being mean once in a while but letting my mother die and not tell us what was causeing it they need to get better bed side manners just wanted to know why people needed to be jerks. i learned to never leave any of my friends with out ssaying something nice from now on cause you never know that might be the last time you speak so remember that . i am thankfull for you all being my friend and i am thankfull for my family for the good and bad of it all
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