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Okay so my last blog was about the things for a vacation trip upcoming in june and NO not all of that is for the vacation. I just got alittle carried away and decided to show everyone what is in Illinois that keeps us from getting bored. Well I had someone message me and ask me even though we have all that great stuff to do here what makes Illinois so fucking great and better then most??? Well for 1 ..I cant say that its better then most cause each and every state has its own history and its own worth being of a state. Since this puddwacker messaged me and doesnt seem to know how to work a damn Google search bar then I shall share with ALL my readers small, big, young, old , retarded, and google illiterate what this state is all about. First Ill start it off with the history of this state and what its acknowledged for. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1673—Louis Jolliet and Father Marquette arrive in Illinois ..tr> ..table> ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1699—Cahokia is founded, the oldest town in Illinois ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1717—Illinois becomes part of French Louisiana ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1763—England receives Illinois at the end of the French and Indian War ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1778—George Rogers Clark captures Kaskaskia from the British ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1787—Illinois becomes part of the Northwest Territory ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1804—Lewis and Clark expedition starts near Wood River ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1809—Illinois Territory is created ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1818—Illinois becomes the 21st state ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1830-Abraham Lincoln moves to Illinois ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1837-Chicago incorporated as a city ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1848—The Illinois & Michigan Canal completed ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1853-First Illinois State Fair is held ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1861-Abraham Lincoln inaugurated as the 16th President of the United States ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1863—Emancipation Proclamation ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1871—Fire consumes much of Chicago ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1888-Present-day State Capitol built ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1893—Chicago World's Fair ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1900—Completion of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1908-Chicago Cubs win their second World Series ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1958-Illinois tollway opens ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1959—The St. Lawrence Seaway opens ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1970-New state constitution adopted ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1986-Chicago Bears win Super Bowl XX ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1992—Carol Moseley Braun becomes the first black woman in the Senate ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 1998—The Chicago bulls win their sixth NBA championship ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> 2001-Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is dedicated ..tr>..table>..tr>..table> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Map of Illinois showing Debate Sites Lincoln - Douglas Debates of 1858 The debates between Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln were held during the 1858 campaign for a US Senate seat from Illinois. The debates were held at 7 sites throughout Illinois, one in each of the 7 Congressional Districts [ Map of Congresstional Districts]. Douglas, a Democrat, was the incumbent Senator, having been elected in 1847. He had chaired the Senate Committee on Territories. He helped enact the Compromise of 1850. Douglas then was a proponent of Popular Sovereignty, and was responsible for the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. The legislation led to the violence in Kansas, hence the name "Bleeding Kansas" Lincoln was a relative unknown at the beginning of the debates. In contrast to Douglas' Popular Sovereignty stance, Lincoln stated that the US could not survive as half-slave and half-free states. The Lincoln-Douglas debates drew the attention of the entire nation. Although Lincoln would lose the Senate race in 1858, he would beat Douglas out in the 1860 race for the US Presidency. The Lincoln-Douglas debates were re-enacted in the Fall of 1994 with live coverage by CSPAN. List of Debates 1. Washington Square, Ottawa, Illinois 2. Freeport, Illinois Over 15,000 people attended the original debate in Freeport, then a town of 5,000. Freeport Doctrine, which was the result of the debate, states people had the right to choose whether or not to exclude slavery from their limits. 3. Union County Fairgrounds, Jonesboro, Illinois Union County Fairgrounds is today part of Shawnee National Forest's Lincoln Park) Union County is south of the Mason-Dixon Line. The debate subject split families into Confederate & Union factions. Over 50 cemeteries throughout Union County tell of many who lost their lives in the War Between the States 4. Coles County Fairgrounds, Charleston, Illinois This was area was very familiar to Lincoln. Lincoln's father had lived and died here. Lincoln's stepmother & many relatives & friends lived here too. Lincoln had a thriving law practice in the community. A majority of the townspeople had come from Kentucky and Tennessee, moving north to avoid competition with slave labor. Most were poor and believed they had no chance to win out in the competition with slave labor. 5. Old Main, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois The east side on East South St. between Cedar and South Cherry Streets was the site of the original debate. This location has the only currently remain structure from the original debates. [Photo of Old Main] 6. Washington Park, Quincy, Illinois 7. Broadway & Market Streets, Alton, Illinois ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Figures in Illinois History See also Early Illinois Women and Illinois Alive! Adams, Samuel, Dr. instrumental in establishment of first medical school in Illinois at Illinois College, Jacksonville in 1834. Bateman, Newton famous educator; lived in Jacksonville. Superintendent of Public Instruction in Illinois from 1859-63 and 1865-75. Bickerdyke, "Mother" Mary Ann Ball Nursed soldiers during Civil War Beecher, Edward (1803-95) First president of Illinois College, Jacksonville. Edward's father Lyman was a Presbyterian Minister. Edward's brother Henry Ward Beecher was also a clergyman. Edward's sister Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, a novel about injustice of slavery, published in 1851. Cartwright, Peter (1785-1872) Methodist Circuit Rider - Politician Douglas, Stephen A. Lawyer - Orator - Political Leader Duncan, Joseph Governor of Illinois from 1834-38. His home "Elm Grove" is the only remaining Governor's mansion outside of the state capitol. Earp, Wyatt Old West lawman. Born in Monmouth, Illinos on 19 Mar 1848. Grant, Ulysses S. Civil War General and US President Grierson, Benjamin Henry Civil War General Hay, John Private secretary to President Abraham Lincoln. Secretary of State under Presidents McKinley and Roosevelt. Poet, Novelist, Biographer of Lincoln. Hickok, Wild Bill Troy Grove, Illinois Memorial Site Lawler, Michael Kelly Mexican War soldier, Civil War general Lincoln, Abraham US President Logan, John A. A statesman and became a general during the Civil War. MacMurray, James E. Senator. Benefactor of MacMurray College in Jacksonville. McClernand, John A. Major General during Civil War Oglesby, Richard J. Colonel and Major General. Governor of Illinois and US Senator following the Civil War. Schofield, John McAllister General during Civil War; Secretary of War; Commanding General of the US Army Yates, Richard Governor of Illinois from 1861-65 (Civil War); one of two graduates of the first class of Illinois College in 1835 Wilson, Robert L. Lawyer and statesman in Illinois. Paymaster for the US Army. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum opens ..tr>..table>..tr>..table> 2005-Chicago White Sox win their third World Series ..tr>..table>..tr> ..table> WELCOME TO ALHN ILLINOIS! Illinois collage map The word Illinois comes from the French word meaning "Illini or Land of Illini. It is an Algonquin word meaning "Men" or "Warriors." Illinois was discovered in 1673, settled in 1720 and entered the Union on 3 December, 1818. Illinois is surrounding by bodies of water on nearly every border: Mississippi River on the west; Ohio and Wabash Rivers in the south and Lake Michigan in the North. The States that border Illinois are: Kentucky, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri and Indiana. The first Railroad train crossed the Mississippi River on the river's first bridge in Rock Island, Illinois on 21 April, 1856. The highest point in Illinois is Charles Mound in JoDaviess County, elevation, 1, 235 and the lowest point is in Cairo, Alexander county at the Mississippi River, elevation 279. ..tr>..table> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the French Frontier 1700-1800 .. end include Convoy of Bateaux on River Explore French Illinois and meet the people who lived here. The first Europeans to make their homes in Illinois were French people--eager to earn rich profits through trading with the American Indians, to save Indian souls, and to establish and maintain French claims to this immense and bountiful land. As trading posts, missions, and forts became towns, families built houses and brought French traditions to the Illinois frontier. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOW IVE DONE AS MUCH GOOGLING AS I CAN POSSIBLY DO FOR THIS TWIT THAT WANTED MORE INFORMATION ON THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. HERE BELOW IS A HYPERLINK FOR ALL THOSE LAZY GOOGLERS AND IE SEARCHERS THAT WILL LINK YOU TO EVERY LINK POSSIBLY KNOWN TO YAHOO, GOOGLE AND ALL THAT IS DISPLAYED IN THE NET. GOOGLE BABY GOOGLE YEUP ^^^^ THAT LINK RIGHT THERE ^^^^ CLICK IT I DARE YA TO FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF WHAT IS SO GREAT ABOUT THE HISTORY BEING KNOWN ABOUT THIS BEAUTIFUL STATE. I HOPE WHAT I HAVE SUPPLIED YOU WITH IS TO ALL YOUR LIKINGS , I FIND SO MUCH ABOUT THIS STATE SINCE IVE MOVED HERE THAT THIS STATE INTRIGUES ME TO LEARN MORE. IF YOUR WANTING MORE LINKS TO ATTRACTIONS AND HISTORIC SITES ILL LINK YA UP WITH THAT AS WELL BELOW... Attractions and historic sites LINK CLICK IT ^^^^^ CLICK IT State Insect: Monarch Butterfly State Fish: Bluegill State Mineral: Fluorite State Dance: Square Dance State Animal: White tailed deer State Fossil: Tully Monster State Prairie Grass: Big Bluestem State Flower: Violet State Tree: Oak State Song: "Illinois" State Bird: Cardinal State Nickname: The Prairie State State Slogan: Land of Lincoln State Motto: State Sovereignty National Union Illinois Native American Tribes a. Mitchigamis - Originally west of the Mississippi River b. Kaskaskias - Region between Lake Michigan and Lake Peoria c. Peorias - Region of Lake Peoria d. Cahokias - Region of Cahokia and the American Bottom
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