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MESSIAH's blog: "Alone"

created on 09/22/2008  |  http://fubar.com/alone/b247204  |  1 followers

ABC Poem

Aimlessly wandering among the ghosts of friends, Blundering through traffic like demented cattle, Concerts of tuneless arpeggios Demand the sincerity of a deaf crowd, Ears of deception and platitude Force the accursed, asinine music upon me. Grasping the hands of the forgotten, I speak: Hypocrisy is not a lesson for the hot-tempered. Innuendos of fallacy line the hallways of their youth, Jars dusty with memories of the phantoms of nonsense, Kept upon their deathbeds Left disenchanted in the middle of the herd, Making their way across the lawn, Nomads of eternity, forever invading each others sanity On and on they blather, while I watch Photographs of perverts eye my movement greedily, Quaking in their silver cobwebbed frames Reminiscing silences and loneliness Stillness is a fond memory, wispy and faint. Trembling, I spin hesitantly in the rainfall; Umbrellas pop open around me like blossoms. Vanquished shackles take my place in the crowd. Wide-eyed, I revel in the glorious freedom, X-rays of lightheadedness, intoxicated on the chemical fumes of pharmacy. Yet priced steep at insanitys doorstep, the passion fades, Zoloft numbing the pain: Im free, but alone terribly alone in my elation.
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