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Lucretia's blog: "ABC Game"

created on 01/13/2008  |  http://fubar.com/abc-game/b177805

Get your last entries in and what ever answers you have to the puzzle as this contest will positively end Wednesday April 2, at 6:PM Eastern time. At that time, I will close the last four letters. The drawing will be held later that evening. I will make one big Pimpout for all the winners. Even if you have not participated all along you still have time to get in. Thanks again to everyone!
We started this journey thru the letters back on January 14th. We have weathered many storms but here we are down to the last 4 letters. I have decided to post all four for your contesting pleasure simultaneously. Play One, Play All! The rules still apply as before: just post Comments, Pictures, Music, etc that pertains to that letter. If you need more info please check out my blogs under ABC Game or go into my pics look at what was already posted for previous letters. The contest is still open to All! I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has participated or helped with this game and I would like to say Thank You to everyone who has helped me thru all that I have had to deal with recently. I love my Fubar Friends! Thank You!!!!! So Now, This is as simple as ABC, so Lets get to the last four, our "Final Four".
~W~ ~X~ ~Y~ ~Z~
Just click the link below to go to the contest (in my pic folders) or to go to my blogs which list previous letters and winners as well as the original blog with the rulz and such. There are still prizes to Win!! Lets finish with style!
NOTE: The bonus round #2 Search-A-Word Puzzle has still not been claimed by anyone. It is solvable, as I had to work it myself. Yes, all the words are there. Just fumail me with your answer.
~*~ Lucretia~*~ The Bitch is Back!!

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