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I have a mathtest today, in about 10 hrs. I Have to sleep, and ideally study a little bit more for it befor then. I also have to be in class in about 3 and a half hrs. That's not going to happen though. If everything goes rigtht, I'll sleep until around 8am, so that could be about 4 hrs of sleep. get to school by atleast 9am. Go to payche class at 10am. ( missing my 7am criminal law class sleep is more important at the moment. ) Then turn in my crappy paer in to my english class. It was only supposed to be 3 pages double spaced, and 3 references. How the fuck am I supposed to convince someone of something in that little space and cram three refrrences that supported my view in there? It sux. it could have been good. I had a psyche test, a mathtest, and this paper all this week. It's hard to manage time with all that going on. It would have been easier if I didn't go to the concert last night, ( tuesday night ) but ohwell. It was one of those fun family events. I almost didn't go cuz I forgot about it, and then on the way to my mom's house, my brothers car went off the road and into a ditch. He was driving too fast on a wet road around curves. Amazingly enough, there was littlle damage to the car, the people we almost hit didn't die, or get hurt trying to avoid us, and there was no tickets involved. I'll be kinda happy after I'm finished with my math test tomarrow. Unless I know then that I probably failed it, then I'll be terribly upset. However, lasttime I got a 65% on that test, so hopefully I'll get atleast a 70 this time around. lol. Maybe I'll actually spend most of this weekend doing homework. My parents and step-siblings are going to vegas this weekend. They are leaving thursday morning though. I can't skip the mathtest to go to vegas. ( See ? I'm somewhat " responsible " or something like that. ) I guess tomarrow people are coming over here to play poker. I might do that as well. The best thing for me to do is spend my weekend reading, and getting the stupid english assignments done right away. I need to read another chapter in my criminal law book too. The one we covered in class this week that I didn't go to either days. Then read the next chaper for next week. And sometime look the stuff up under utah law that pertains to them so I don't miss that part on the next test. So yah, basicly lots of busy stuff goin on. If ya'll don't get responses back in a timely manner who have written or write to me, then you can probably see why.
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