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ok so I went out to plow my driveway tonight since it was almost done snowing according to the radar.......... everything went hunky-dory , although another major snowfall and i think we are gonna have to call someone to take our excess snow away.......... but thats another story altogether :P I get done plowing and as usual my cat comes out to warm up to me and get some petting......... well i dunno if it was the fumes from the plow or him just bein bundled up inside all day but he was in a very playful mood tonight. There was no walking or trotting with my cat tonight........ full sprint to wherever he wanted to go, which more often than not, the direction im heading (hes cool like that , ya know). So I go in the garage and start petting him and he goes nuts, starts doing mid-air flips, siwping and nibbling on my gloves (thank god i was wearing gloves or my hands would be fucked up lol). Its like someone fed him catnip......... but UBER fun either way. OK im done now, just had to rave about my awesome cat lol. Have a good night everyone!
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