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35 Year Old · Female · From San Jose, CA · Joined on April 30, 2008 · Born on November 4th · 471 referrals joined! · 436 different people have a crush on me!

Profile updated 2014JULY11 TY for all the compliments of my profile (:IF YOU don't agree with anyone that serves ....move ON TY!!My Branch (within the Army):I am from the bay area (: no matter where the Army takes me (: CALI baby! hahaMy name is Mayra. You can see from the bay area. I am here for fun and because I get bored. If you don't support the military that is your choice but keep it out of my shout box. I'm not a recruiter soo don't ask me a million questions. I'm not a weekend warrior either .....yep AD (: The reality is I am here to get away from the stress that I face with in my real life and to have some FUN (:I don't sell any types of 'bling' so don't ask TY (: I stay logged on sooo don't get pissy and bitchy with me if I don't answer the chat right away. I AM NOT here to look for love, left it and I have forgiven (: I like to play the game of fu and make some 'online' friends along the way. If you don't like me for any apparent reason trust me you won't hurt my feelings I been through and seen worse shit in my years of being in the Army. I have a cool sense of humor I just choose to stay to myself a lot. YOU might be lucky and see it one day (:Be careful who you choose to get close to on here that's the best advice that I can give. And don't always believe what you 'hear' or read as it's being typed up haha. Some ppl are soo bored that they have nothing better else to do than to bad mouth other ppl on here. And if you choose to listen to it you are just as bad as they are. BUT don't come back to me and say I didn't warn you lol. You will see that some have never even spoken to you and they are soo quick to bash you or just simply act immature towards you. On the flip side of that you will also come across some of the nicest ppl EVER! And NO it's not true the color 'red' doesn't make you better above any other member, well some might think they are but I feel it's like that because they having nothing going for themselves in real life (: Sooo...Don't be scared to say hi to me!! Or not haha! But at least have fun (:

35 Year Old · Female · From San Jose, CA · Joined on April 30, 2008 · Born on November 4th · 471 referrals joined! · 436 different people have a crush on me!
I like rap/hip-hop, R&B, some rock also ...and hmm I can't really say that I am into country BUT I do like Taylor Swift I mean who can't like her..?? Ok soo Taylor is my 'guilty pleasure' when it comes to country music lol.....just like some guys like 'Britney Spears' but will never admit it. ...although I will say I used to go to this 'country' club when I lived-was stationed- in Texas lol and they played a pretty cool variety of stuff (:
I like all kinds of stuff I guess it depends what I am in the mood for on a particular day. (: Of course, I will admit I like romantic comedies, comedy, thriller/horror, drama, action. I am not really into science fiction or westerns. I don't think I have really seen anything that has totally captivated my intertest when it comes to westerns or sf ...idk maybe I am just weird haha. (:
Me Myself and I bwahahaha shit I made it this far because of my OWN goals BUT I also idolize my parents (: I love them [=
Video Games
Noo I can't tell you everything lol. And NO you can't have my game tag I got plenty who try and help me out. lol I do think that the PS3 is more adult like and the xbox is like semi adult like (if that makes sense) and well the wii is like for kids....I guess it depends how you choose to look at it ..in all though ....they are fun ... (: and rly helps the time pass when ur bored as hell lol.

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