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here it is november 24 my bags are all packed im heading to chicago/indiana via train too meet someone...well i got a call from her saying she had family emergency...im thinking great im gonna be stranded at a train station in chicago...so i go grab a bite to eat at the station.then i sit there thinking what should i do...first thought was to call my sister...call my sister saying im gonna be stranded..we talk a few minutes and i was prowling thinking of what to do..she asked how far from airport and how much money i had so i told her..she said ok go find a taxi and tell them u want to go to airport..thinking ok find a few taxis ask them how much money to get me to ohare airport 40.00 one guy said...well one guy said come on ill take you to airport... well this guy walked me like 2 blocks to a train and wanted 40.00 in doing this i was like for what??you walked me there.then he said i carried ur bag...then i catch this train and it had 17 stops to make till it was at airport..once at airport i was able to obtain my plane tickets to tampa flordia.got to airport at 9:00 at niteand had to stay there till 6:00next morning when my flite took off enroute to miami then to tampa..and once i got on plane and got in air i said would someone get me a dam beer or bloody mary to my surprise i had one of each...i arrive in tampa noone to pick me up.was on phone to my sister yelling at her well she was just leaving work and was on her way..she picked me up first thing i said was im hungry havent ate hardily anything for a few days..so she takes me to burger king i eat then get to her house and it was lights out for me i went to bed.. i was going on like 2 days if not 3 with little if any sleep at all.... all in all this will be one trip ill never forget
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