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Icarus's blog: "I need a drink."

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/i-need-a-drink/b896

A to Z

Achluophobia. Acousticophobia Acrophobia Agateophobia Agraphobia Anginophobia Angrophobia Ankylophobia Anthropophobia Anuptaphobia Apeirophobia Arithmophobia Asthenophobia Atelophobia Athazagoraphobia Atychiphobia Automatonophobia Autophobia Aviophobia Cacophobia Cainophobia Caligynephobia Carcinophobia Catagelophobia Catoptrophobia Chronophobia Chronomentrophobia Cibophobia Claustrophobia Cleithrophobia Cleptophobia Clinophobia Cnidophobia Coitophobia Contreltophobia Coprastasophobia Cyclophobia Cypridophobia Decidophobia Defecaloesiophobia Dementophobia Demophobia Didaskaleinophobia Dipsophobia Dishabiliophobia Doxophobia Dystychiphobia Ecclesiophobia Ecophobia Eisoptrophobia Emetophobia Enosiophobia Eremophobia Ergophobia Erotophobia Genophobia Gerascophobia Glossophobia Hadephobia Hagiophobia Hamartophobia Harpaxophobia Hedonophobia Heliophobia Hobophobia Hodophobia Hoplophobia Hylephobia Hypegiaphobia Iatrophobia Isolophobia Ithyphallophobia Kakorrhaphiophobia Katagelophobia Kenophobia Leukophobia Liticaphobia Lygophobia Lyssophobia Macrophobia Maniaphobia Mastigophobia Medomalacuphobia Meningitophobia Merinthophobia Metathesiophobia Methyphobia Mnemophobia Myctophobia Necrophobia Nosemaphobia Nostophobia Obesophobia Ochlophobia Oikophobia Oneirophobia Oneirogmophobia Onomatophobia Optophobia Ouranophobia Paralipophobia Parasitophobia Patroiophobia Peccatophobia Pediophobia Peniaphobia Phalacrophobia Pharmacophobia Photoaugliaphobia Phonophobia Pnigerophobia Pocrescophobia Polyphobia Poinephobia Ponophobia Potophobia Pharmacophobia Psellismophobia Pupaphobia Satanophobia Sciophobia Scolionophobia Scopophobia Scotomaphobia Scotophobia Scriptophobia Selaphobia Social Phobia Sociophobia Somniphobia Soteriophobia Staurophobia Stenophobia Stygiophobia Teniophobia Taphophobia Tapinophobia Teratophobia Testophobia Thanatophobia Theophobia Tomophobia Topophobia Traumatophobia Tremophobia Venustraphobia Virginitiphobia Xenophobia Xyrophobia Zeusophobia
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EvilI should really move the booze upstairs.
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