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So I was watching a TV show last night, and they had someone who was catching a train to Phoenix from Grand Central Station.   Now, I don't expect all the non New Yorkers to know it's actually Grand Central Terminal.  Popular lexicon calls it Grand Central Station, and that's what people know it as.  I just find it funny when TV shows, and there have been a lot of them; Law & Order SVU, Louie, and Castle, that have people taking trains to some remote destination from Grand Central.  Here's the thing:

Grand Central only runs commuter trains!  Yeah you can take it to another state; Connecticut (not even Jersey) but you can't take it to Florida, Philadelphia, or Phoenix.  If you want an Amtrak train, you have to take it from Penn Station.  You can't even take a train from Grand Central to Penn Station (yet, they are working on a tunnel.)  If you took a subway, you'd have to change trains to make it to Penn. 

I understand that most people don't know this part about NY, so I let it slide, but every time I see them do it on TV, I just laugh a little. 


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