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JJ's blog: "I hate blogging"

created on 10/05/2006  |  http://fubar.com/i-hate-blogging/b10746
So today was the day from hell. We were robbed at my work today. An older man walked up to the counter and said to the pharmacist "Dont say anything." He put a note on the counter that said, "I have a gun. Dont say anything or push an alarms, give me all of your oxycontins." So the pharmacist doing what she could to keep us all safe, told us to go to the back of the store while she opened the safe. She grabbed 4 bottles and gave them to him and once he was out the door called the cops and the store manager. Besides almost pissing myself, and almost having a panic attack we are all ok and only what we gave him was taken. Now this may not be big to some of you but in my small town this is like earth shattering. I blame it mostly on my mother for loving to gossip but by time she came to check on me, my brother, dad, and my 3 closest friends had all called me to make sure I was ok. We finished out the night filling out police reports and cleaning up from the mess they made.
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