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baby blue's blog: "A Poem"

created on 04/11/2008  |  http://fubar.com/a-poem/b206543
NINETEEN DAYS You were here for nineteen days Nineteen days of laughter, smiles, frowns.. Nineteen days of "up in here!" Nineteen days of you saying Your "AB's.." Nineteen days of "I'm in a time-out, don't talka me!" Nineteen days of snaggle tooth grins.. Nineteen days of Sam yelling "Get away from me!" Nineteen days of sweet goodnight hugs and kisses.. Nineteen days of warm, sweet good-morning hugs and kisses in Mama's lap.. Yes, you were here for nineteen days.. You celebrated your fifth birthday with aplomb.. Your cousins, aunts and family in attendance, You dropped your bomb.. You stated very clearly for all to hear.. We just weren't listening, we didn't want to hear.. Somehow, you knew you would only be here for nineteen days... You wanted to cuddle and cling You wanted to sing.. You got on our nerves with your singing, cuddling, and wanting to be so close.. You somehow knew what we could not hear.. You heard the angels calling you.. You knew you had served your purpose here... No, we could not have accepted, we would have done everything to change His plan.. You tried to tell us in your own sweet, quiet way, But we just could not hear... Now we know and to some extent some of us understand... You were needed in Heaven.. To sit at God's right hand.. We miss you now, as we always will.. But we know you love us still and always will.. You were our sunshine for nineteen days.. Now we really miss your sweet ways.. We love you, "Boo".. Never doubt that! In our hearts you will remain... Until we see your sweet face again... Nineteen days... Nineteen days was too short of time.. We feel your sweetness in the warm sunshine.. Yes, we had five years and nineteen days, Of a dark haired, dark eyed angel.. Now you are with our Lord.. So our memories we hoard.. We talk about you, dream about you, and laugh about you.. In our hearts will you stay.. Until we see you some sweet day... Nineteen days... Anonymous Author
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13 years ago
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