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My heart is broken, and my emotions are torn... There are times that I just want to be re-born. I'm sick and tired of feeling this way all the time. And yet I wonder..."is there a girl who can mend this broken heart of mine?" I go day by day asking that question to myself wondering if it'll come true. Every girl I have been with has always said "I will be the one to help you." But when the end it comes, she takes my heart and breaks it again. Then I look to God asking "Is this is going to happen to me each time it ends?" I don't get why I have to suffer like this everyday of my life... All I want, is a girl who can take care of my heart, my emotions, and be my wife. I'm tired of hopping between girls and relationships, I want to settle down. I just want one girl, one life, and only family so i no longer have to frown. Each day I ask God "where's the girl you have for me...can I meet her?" But I don't think he's answering me because everyday I still suffer. He knows i'm lonely, he knows i'm heartbroken, and he knows i'm in pain... And yet..."happiness" is still out of arms reach for me to gain. All I want, is to be happy...to be calm...to be at rest...to be at peace... I want all this pain and suffering I endure to just completely cease. I'm tired of feeling the pain, i'm tired of suffering, i'm tired of being hurt... My screams of agony and despair is what I blurt. To every girl that reads this, I leave this poem with one question... Will you help me end this pain, suffering, heartache, and depression...?
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