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DurhamNtx's blog: "Durham Mouths Off"

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A note...

Well, many of you know I took a fucation - and I'm back! For a while at least...

Today is Mother's Day, and I want to wish all you mothers (not "muthas" or "mother-effers" but women who birthed children) Happy Mommy's Day!

Some cute things happened in conjunction therewith. My nephew Michael made my sister boo-hoo Friday. His English (I think) class teacher had him and the rest write "prams" (nods to Monty Python) to their moms. Yesterday, Shelley, my sister, went and got snacks for our mom and me - my nephew was out with friends.

For the first time in almost 2 years, I actually had eough money to take us all out to dinner. We went to a place called Mimi's - a café specializing in southern and French New Orleans cuisine, with posters and art and such from New Orleans from the past many years. I would recommend, if there's one nearby, you try it! We had dinner, ate WAY too much, as usual, and I felt a small surge of pride taking the check and putting MY OWN card inside! :) I almost forgot what that felt like, having been unemployed for all this time!

Around noon today, Shelley took mom to get "manis and pedis" for the two of them. A short aside here - My mom and my sister had been trying to grow a hydrangea for some time. They had bought 4 of them, and they all croaked. Last year, they both swore they weren't trying again - that we were doomed to never have a hyndrangea live. Well, while they were getting pampered, her son went and bought a live flowering plant for both of them. He picked it out himself. He tried to choose the best PLANT for the money he allowed himself to spend. And he did a good job! When he came home, he proudly showed me his gift - a hydrangea.

Rock on!


Durham, AKA Shawn

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