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I Called Your Name I called the sun and he answered me I called the moon and she treasured me I called the stars and they cried for me When I called your name only silence came back to me. I called the earth and she befriended me I called the sky and she watched over me. I called the seas and they refreshed me. When I whispered your name only silence came back to me. I called the wind and he carried me I called the fire and he lit for me I called the animals and they sang for me When I spoke your name only silence came back to me. I’ve seen you pass with my very eyes I’ve seen you smile and my heart just sighs Let not your silence come back to me But my name I hear as you call to me. cwko2000 – Sat, 2005 – 11 – 19 04:13
To Spend forever I give you my heart,mind,body, and soul I give you my love, for you to make me whole I give you this promise, the promise to try I give you each breath and the tears i cry I give you my past, my future and NOW I give you my thoughts and my hopes in this Vow I give you my voice and the music i sing I give you forever by accepting this ring I give you my world all the pain and strike I give you my hand and learn to share life I give you this kiss and there words i say "I'll Cherish you always as of this day" I give you my faith that these words are tru from now until the end i promise 2 you 14545 – Tue, 2006 – 01 – 17 00:03


The Web Creatively You worked your art You spun a web Around my heart How beautifully Your deeds have spread Each intricately Woven thread With strands of care You dried my tears Your gentleness Dispelled my fears Your wisdom Helped me understand And patiently You held my hand To give me courage To brave the storm With kindness You have kept me warm Your passion Lit a glowing fire That filled my soul With sweet desire You're all That I was dreaming of For the web you spun Was made of love - Written and owned by Sherri Deskins
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