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Sharkfin's blog: "Chaos"

created on 10/03/2006  |  http://fubar.com/chaos/b9661
It’s no big secret I can’t stand Taylor Swift…that is a given, however she apparently performed her song “You should’ve said no” on a Live awards program…She should have said no! Honestly that was a terrible performance that anyone anywhere in high school choir programs across America could have done better. Or at least duplicated her performance…where brings to mind that song… That song she did sounds awfully close to copyright infringing on the song from American Idol that they play when someone gets kicked off. “You had a bad Day, you sang a sad song” Hmmm just wondering how quickly the copyright nazi’s will appear. Good Morning, How’s the weekend looking for you? Mine looks to be filled with mowing…Mower man! Able to mow the Ma-in-law’s Land and come home and do ours too…yeah me! Hey did you hear about this Goose…Not me… I mean there is a goose, can’t recall where it is located which county or state for that matters where the goofy thing is located but apparently this goose thinks it’s a Goat…No kidding! A grass chewing goat! The goofy bird will not go near the water and flock with it’s real relatives and it will not eat kibble you know the ground corn and grain and grit and gag me with a spoon it sounds so tasty..ICK! It eats Gras and grazes with the goats! I can just see the goats… Goat: Ah hey…Mmmm mmmaa Mr. Goose… Ah What are you doing? Goose-Goat: Honk…Eating Honk honk…why do you Honk Honk Ask? Goat: Dude…(because I think saying dude is a universal language even used by all even animals to let other animals know when they are not politically correct) Dude, this is our grass…you go swim with the long necks and po all over the place…and further more tell you bud’s out there flopping around on the pond to stop dropping the droppings in our grass… it makes it taste like…shhh.,. Well you know like not good… Goose-goat: Honk I am one of you…baaa Honk Baaa honk honk. Goat: Paaalease you only have two legs… Goose-goat: my others have not grown in yet baaa honk. Anyway it’s just not right to switch animal chains, you know there is always someone trying to put a doggie with a cat to nurse or a kitten with a tiger… A parakeet with an owl… you know the drill… But anyway Can’t recall where the Goose-Goat is but makes for a funny story….Oh and by the way Goats and Geese do not really have verbiage with one another…at least in this world…or at least we think they don’t… So even if you do not get to see this goose and goat story anywhere do not be sad…news of these things take prevalence over energy news and good news daily…so do not fret Have a huge hug from me to you and a series of pats Mart I think that goofy Goat was in Texas…but I could be wrong…
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