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for all my loving daugthers Through a Father's Eyes by LateNiteFantasy© Through a Father's Eyes It all starts when you're told your going to have a baby The panic, the thing that had always caused fear Could it be possible I am going to a man or little lady And when the birth comes so do the tears. The first wails, the first little sighs The first giggles and the first coos You'll wipe away the teardrops from her eyes And run away the first time she poops. When the sweet little princess is cradled in your arms Her little face all puckered and scrunched up Your already hers as she smiles and you see her charms That manly facade breaks and your no longer so tough When you get her home and rock your new daughter And you'll never forget the first time you held her and she fell asleep You'll know what it's like to really be a father Looking down at her angelic face and trying not to weep. It's a time of many glorious new first you'll see In no time at all she'll sit up on her own Later running around like a busy little bee If you had only be more prepared and know. Sleepless nights sitting up with the sick little girl Trying to make everything a little bit better Failing to dodge the sneezes and an inevitable hurl Getting a new T-shirt in exchange for one that's now wetter. The best is the first time she comes running for a hug Or she is amazed at the light up shoes Sometimes it the simple think like killing a bug To get her to say "Daddy, I love you." The first hug the sweet first kiss The first little steps, first words, or her favorite toy These are things you won't want to miss But beware some day she'll meet a boy When she finally comes home and says "I met a man" You'll get angry and disappointed and sad You're mind will start to form all sorts of evil plans Then she'll kiss your cheek and call you Dad All those plans will slip right away Now it's time to get ready for a thought you never had Walking her down the aisle on her wedding day The last is the saddest when she tells you "I'll always love you dad." Your little girl all grown up and a woman now Married with a job and able to drink a few beers You'll look back fondly and wonder just how She went from that baby to a women in what seems like a few years. You'll grow older and become grandpa just a little too soon Doting and loving the same as you had for your sweet little princess You'll watch them crawl and grow up, and sing a little tune Grandpa's and Dad's are always loved that is the consensus. Through all of this the singing, playing and joys The evenings you hold her as she softly cries Thanks to one lone or group of boys You'll console her as you look at her through a Father's eyes.

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