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43 Year Old · Male · Joined on May 29, 2007 · Born on October 20th · 4 referrals joined!
43 Year Old · Male · Joined on May 29, 2007 · Born on October 20th · 4 referrals joined!

Hello all ,
GB here just a easy going laid back guy . Looking for chat friends and good people with a open heart .
Like to do alot of things with my hands . ( woodwork / drawings / restore old rifles / auto body --- when I can find a place to do it LOL )
I also collect miltria ( war collectables )
Bit of a history nut .
I was in the marines 11 yrs . due to a toren ACL i had to leave . Now in the guard .
But if their any Vets or military supporters . please feel free .
And if you do not support the war please support the troops .

43 Year Old · Male · Joined on May 29, 2007 · Born on October 20th · 4 referrals joined!
History ,
WW2 , ww1, drawing, art, older cars , open minded , pontiac , pets, snakes, cats , lizards , dogs, horses , horse riding , farm boy
I lisen and dance to all .. I just need a good beat ... only thing no death songs ... LOL i am a happy person what can i say . GB
any thing form horror to good comdy ....
my step father richard

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  • GB Ladies please comment ... an ex trying contact me after 15 yrs ... idont like drama .. or bs ... should i contact her back .. so should i let her back? ( I MEAN TALK ) ??? or not it was left on bad note and this might fix what broken about me
    • FitBit nothing anyone else can do can fix you, you're on your own. Yeah talk to her, you should be over whatever happened by now
      1 wk ago · Reply
    • GB Ty and so true
      2 wks ago · Reply
    • Bookworm4keeps EXs should stay as that. They are an EXample of what NOT to do next time. It's like eating something yummy, puking it up, and re-eating it again. You don't need to go down the same path you have traveled before and find yourself lost once again. Chalk her up as a loss. Like you said, no drama and no BS. That's what you would be inviting back into your life so that it can happen all over again.
      2 wks ago · Reply
    • GB Thank you for he insight
      2 wks ago · Reply
    • GB She was married when i was dating her ..... yes i was a joedie boy lol ... all my mikitary friends know that term
      2 wks ago · Reply
    • chrissy If she hurt you i wouldn't try. But if it was because of something else then I would try and talk to her and see what happens. But I would take everything slow.
      2 wks ago · Reply
    • Smurphy xRLGFx ... she might just want to fix things as friends if thats the case maybe talk to her n tell her u dont want her bk as a gf or anythin just as a friend
      2 wks ago · Reply

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