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FunkyMunky's blog: "9-18-07"

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So I went today at the time they had designated for me by my last name, to sign up for strike pay. Yeah.. I get there and they say "The international rep isn't here because he's so busy right now, so you won't be able to sign up for a few days at least" and to keep checking the website & listen to the radio for any changes. But I did get assigned when my picket duty is(Friday 8-12) ... yippee skippee BLAH!
My oldest son has turned into a young man. Where the hell has the time went? I'm not ready, but then I am. I'm sure other parents understand that. He hasn't been much into girls, which is sort of a good thing I think. With all the drama that comes with having a girl/boy friend sometimes. He has had a few different girlfriends since the start of high school.. but nothing serious. He was like take it or leave it about it. Well this year he has a new girlfriend. He's taking her to the homecoming. She has a surprise B-day party tonite and he went and picked out his own gifts for her :O then when I took him uptown to get her a card, he came out from the store, he had also bought Kiss's to put in the bag with the presents. Awwwwwww I think he really likes this girl! Tiger is having a worse time with it than I am LOL My boy is growing up and is turning into a wonderful young man. I'm so proud of him. And feel that we've done a pretty good job at raising him.
I've been SOOOO tired lately. Seems like I can't get enough sleep. Plus I've been working at least one day out of the weekend OT trying to get my bills caught up. But its not going to do any good if I end up running my self down and have to miss work. Blah! It seems like every time I think I'm getting caught up something else comes along. I'm sure you all know what I mean. School starts and it's school supply, fees, lunches & pictures. Homecoming is next weekend and my oldest is taking a date PLUS he's the Senior escort! Dress clothes & corsage. LOL Like I said one thing after another. Oh and yeah I have to make about 100 sandwiches before tomorrow nights football game. I picked up the meat today when I left work. And Tiger is suppose to pick up buns for me. So I think I'm going to try to make half of them tonite. My life in a nutsell .. hah.. guess thats where a nuts life should be eh?
This morning I woke up and couldn't remember the alarm going off. I asked Tiger did you have the alarm on, he mumbles I thought I did. I get up, get coffee going, let my dog out. Sit at my computer. Say hey Tiger are you getting up? He mumbles something about having to go uptown to get cigs. I get up let my dog in get some coffee. Then take my shower. Tiger finally got up. He gets dressed and goes up town to get cigs. I'm sitting at my computer messing around. Leave a couple comments, check out a couple mumms waiting till time to go to work.. Tigers says "If I don't make it in today" *EYES POP OPEN* I said "What do you mean IF you don't make it in today?" So he's like... OH ok I'll get dressed and go in a little late. I mean COME ON .. I sometimes can barely make it through a day and he's just going to take it off because he stayed up/out too late the nite before. HALE NO! So I wonder what kind of mood he'll be in when I get home tonite :O *hugz n stuffs*
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