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43 Year Old · Male · From Fort Lauderdale, FL · Invited by: Exhumed By Scry... · Joined on May 1, 2012 · Born on March 28th

CORPSE NATION Corpse Nation is a Florida based company that specializes in creating custom made realistic rotting corpses, as well as corpsed bones, and the like. Check us out on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/corpsenation

We're working with Infinite Abyss Productions and The Abyss Theatre here in Fort Lauderdale. We are primarily responsible for writing content, supervising all sfx on stage (live) and in film as well as directing and managing talent. Check out our folder of photo's from the Abyss!

Proud to be official sponsors of: THE UNDERCOVER UNIT The first official event of it's kind anywhere that is open to the public. Typically just designed for law enforcement and military. It is a live event production that uses live actors, varied scenario's, airsoft guns, trip wires, grenades, lights, sound, smoke etc... The first scenario we'll be running is a zombie themed scenario. Think of it as a haunted house meets living out a video game.

You'll solve riddles, look for clues, duck, dodge, hide, attack and survive. The game typically runs from an hour to an hour and a half (give or take depending on your groups decision making).

Back to CORPSE NATION. I am one of the owners; someone who is irrationally rational; metaphorically morbid; quick witted and randeliciously random. I have a unique mind; and have always been drug free. I'm a huge fan of comic genius such as Steven Wright, Albert Brooks & George Carlin. If most of the people you know are below average, then you're doing alright. Of course... that may not be saying much if I know you.... ;) So I'm here to network, make friends, talk about zombies and all that great stuff! LIKE / FAN / RATE & we'll return the love!


We have a prop in the award winning film "Pretty" shot out in California that came out in late 2014 so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Corpse Nation was also proud to be an official sponsor of FESTIVAL OF SOULS!!! and The DEMON MANSION along side of great companies like "Vitamin Water", "Autism Speaks", "Monster Energy Drinks" and more! It was great having our custom made corpses and body parts littered throughout and used in the scares. It was extremely well received and given a two thumbs up by THE DEMON himself "Gene Simmons" (See photos for more).

So here's some info you may want to know...


But what is it about Corpses and zombies???


Why do we do it?

Simply put, we love it! Horror movies, being scared, being creative, we, as people should never let that little kid in all of us ever fade over time or die, and if you do, bring him / her back to life! :)

Long story short: Our goal is to create the most realistic horror props in the country which are both affordable and available for rent and/or purchase by the everyday consumer, not just film professionals. To create specialized and unique pieces for anyone that loves horror movies and Halloween as much as we do.


When you display a prop (skull, corpse etc...) created by Corpse Nation, the first reaction you'll get is: "Is that real?" And that's why we love doing what we do.

CORPSE NATION is owned by my brother and I. We both deep roots in the horror genre, and collectively have over a dozen years experience in the entertainment industry having worked in Films, TV Shows, Commercials and so forth.

One is an entrepreneur, with degrees in Business and Psychology, while the other is a published author and photographer with a degree in Film and Television Production. Together, we have found a way to bring the dead back to life, well... sort of.

From writing scripts to applying special effects make-up: from directing and producing commercials, PSA's and Feature Films; both of us have harnessed our energies in creating a one of kind custom corpse for a Halloween haunted house which received an unprecedented amount of positive attention in 2010! (At first we went to the party stores and Halloween shops, but neither of us could get past the 'cheese factor'. Nothing was scary, gory or intended for adults). They were just filled to the brim with 'toys'. "Hey! We loved Halloween as kids and we still love it now." but where are the cool looking corpses and real looking skulls etc... No one carries anything of the sort, until now. Alas, there was nothing for us, so, we created our own. At CORPSE NATION you won't find low end, cheap plastic skulls with red light up eyes.. ugh... Our pieces will generate a buzz at your next gathering.

This led to the brainchild that is now CORPSE NATION.

Whether you're a fireman or policeman needing victims for your next training video, in need of props for your new film, haunted house or if you're anything like us and simply love Zombies and Horror, then look no further! Hey, rotting severed heads are the new "Pet Rock" and let's not forget... the best kind of stocking stuffer is a severed foot! :)

Everything created by Corpse Nation are "one of's". In other words, each piece is custom made by hand via the meticulous process known as "Corpsing".

Corpsing, is the adding of flesh to a skeleton or raw bone. There are many ways to go about this, but we have our own method. Like snowflakes, no two are the same. We take tremendous pride in our work and use no shortcuts during the process. Additionally, our pieces are water resistant (to a point), so they'll be just fine if they get caught out in a rain shower or two, although a severe storm, a lot of rain/snow etc... (including excessive handling) can damage each piece, so do take care of them.

Browse photos of our work, check out our video's, and ask questions. Be sure to leave comments and enjoy your stay!

No actual corpses were reanimated during or after the corpsing process...

... that we know of.

Welcome, to CORPSE NATION..... on FUBAR!!!!!!!!

Hear what others have to say:

"Great Job!!! Really Cool Website and video's!" - Julie Ann

"Ohhhh Nasty!! Very creative I love it!!!" - Susan G

"Your corpse looks just like Tarman from Return of the living dead 1 and 2" That is frickin cool!" Corey S

"Wow!!! Your props are incredible. Keep up the good work." - Count S

"You guys are like a swirling cauldron of awesome. Well done!" - Third Shadow

"Awesome creation guys!!! Too cool :D" - Alejandro

"Wow that's so wickedly awesome!" - Natasha L

"Very sick work on the rotting :). It's art." - Randi D

"Bro the Dragon skull turned out better then I could of imagined it. I really love it. I really enjoyed watching you work on it on cam in the lounge on fu. thank you so much!" - Drago

NOTE: If you plan on ordering for Halloween, we strongly recommend doing so in August to mid September. At that time of year inventory disappears quickly and it takes 3 weeks to create each piece. Remember this is all done by hand! Additionally, if we're working on a film, or haunted house... other orders may take a few extra days to complete, so please keep this in mind when ordering. Any questions? Please don't hesitate to ask.

Now everything that we've said here is all fine and good, but the above was just a small sampling of what others have to say, check out our: GUESTBOOK and leave your own comments, we'd love to hear from you.

Oh, and in case you're curious as to why we love zombies so much... it's for the betterment of mankind!

#1. Zombies don't contribute to global warming. They don't breathe, hence no added Co2 in the atmosphere.

#2. Zombies don't cut down trees.

#3. Zombies don't really drive any sort of motorized vehicles = less emissions.

#4. Zombies are made entirely out of 100% recyclable materials and are biodegradable.

#5. Zombies are fun to watch and killing them not only burns calories, but is a wonderful stress reliever.

- Jaye - Exhumed by Scrying Eyes

FRESH HUMAN BRAINS!!! It's what's for dinner.

43 Year Old · Male · From Fort Lauderdale, FL · Invited by: Exhumed By Scry... · Joined on May 1, 2012 · Born on March 28th
Zombies of course! Movie Zombies, TV Zombies, Book Zombies, White Zombie, Rob Zombie, Zomedies, Special Effects Make up, Writing, Networking, Photography, Filming, Meeting cool people, making friends and eating their fresh human brains... you know, the usual.

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