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28 Year Old · Female · Joined on April 18, 2012 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on April 18th · I have a crush on someone!
28 Year Old · Female · Joined on April 18, 2012 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on April 18th · I have a crush on someone!
28 Year Old · Female · Joined on April 18, 2012 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on April 18th · I have a crush on someone!
My name is Lacey, and I am 22 years old. I am in what I like to call "the prime of my life" right now. I have had the pleasure of meeting the man of my dreams on this site, so thank you to Fubar for bringing two souls together that would have perhaps never met if it weren't for your site. So that means to all of you men that I am TAKEN! Mike (mwin6) and I are very serious about what we have planned for the future, so if you cannot respect that, and you cannot honor that, then pass my profile by please. Once again, I am a 22 year old woman who has very high goals set for herself, I always have, ever since I was a little girl. I have always been very driven. I would never have guessed at this time in my life, that this could have happened to me, in fact I feel like it is a dream, I wonder at times if someone needs to pinch me. lol I know this man is the real deal, I knew it the day that we met, and people have already taken shots at trying to break us apart. Let me tell all of you men right now, I will end up marrying this man, I feel it and I know it within my heart. So for all of you women and men that seem to think you can come along and throw a dagger in between us, he knows everything about me..... what you are doing, it won't work. Ladies and gentleman, if you don't have the common decency to let a love blossom, and grow, then that shows your maturity and your intelligence level. I treat people as I expect to be treated in return,I was raised well, therefore I act appropriately. I have seen on this site that JEALOUSY is the "big green monster", and you know what, that is really sad that because two people have found happiness together, people can't just leave them alone. If you don't have anything nice to say, then keep it to yourself, we don't want to hear it. Now, to the love of my life~~Mike I can't say much more than that you walked in at precisely the right moment love. I wasn't in a good way, but the mere presence of you, that turned me around so quick. I feel like you are the missing piece to a puzzle that has remained unfinished for a long, longtime, in short "You complete me". We have so much in common and so much ahead of us, that you are the only one that I see. I knew that I loved you from the moment that I first saw you, you have something about you, that I just knew you were and you are the right man for me. I hope that this sheds some light as to who I am,I love to make friends, but that is as far as it will go, because I have everything that I could ever wish for in you Mike. You are the most incredible man that I have ever met, and once again, if it weren't for this website, I would have never met you. You are my "knight in shining armor" Mike. You are the man that I have always dreamed of spending the rest of my life with, I love you baby.

Any person using this site or any of its associated sites...You do not have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.
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